Update on Diabetes, Drugs or Education?

Global Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs Market Review & Forecast; 2014-2018 & 2019 -2024

25.6 Billion

This headline was among my Google Alerts on Diabetes; It was the figures that caught my deep interest.

We are well aware that the incidences of Diabetes is on the increase globally, we also know what the consequences are;

(1) An increase in personal health expenditure

2. Governments budgets on Healthcare going through the roof

3. Rising costs of health Insurance, or un-affordable

4. An increase in Taxes

6. More people living longer on drugs.

5. More Big Bucks for the Pharmaceuticals

The forecast is estimated to be 25.6 Billion dollars. the largest share coming from India, China and Brazil; I imagine the poorer countries will have to rely on charity, of swap food for drugs.

Surely we know enough to know that “Food is the best medicine and the best medicine is food”

Health Education in All Schools

Why is it so difficult to figure out that the forecast could be cut in half for the next generation, if we wake from ourselfish financial slumber, and introduce Health education in all schools, and probably cut by 15 % if our adult heads are not too hard to absorb and obey what we learn, or not too steeped in old habits to make some change.

It is not to say the plants and herbs are not available, we can even increase our disposable income by growing some around our homes. On my last count, I could see, Moringa, Nooni, Aloe era, vervein, papaya, Stingy Thyme and Spinach a few steps away in my yard. 

I am aware we are living in an age of free speech, and we cannot force people to eat healthy, or manufacturers not to produce food that is not good for our health; but not all is lost, people are already becoming more health conscious, and more will follow as education spreads.

Automation and New Farming Opportunities.

Some industries will die, or dwindle, but new opportunities will emerge, there could be a progressive surge in healthy farming as automation makes it devastating impact on jobs, and more and more people become jobless, and unable to afford the steadily rising cost of food and health care.

Who is going to take the lead in preparing the way for the next generation? Creative and or Critical thinking can make the path to success and healthy longevity a realty. The youth cannot just sit back and watch, get involved in building the road to your future and your children’s and grandchildren.

Lobby The Powers That Be To Introduce Health Education In All Schools.

Learn the facts about every thing that crosses your lips; don’t wait til tomorrow, start now by researching the health benefits and risks of every thing on your menu.

When I am not preparing these blogs, I am carving wood


  1. With diabetes on such a rise globally it’s information such as this that helps fight the good fight. It all starts with awareness. As you’ve indicated so well here, not much good comes from this disease. Not only does it take a toll on one’s health, it also takes a toll financially. 25.6 Billion dollars is pretty eye-opening. I agree that a lot has to do with education, and schools can do well to educate. One thing that gives me a little confidence is that we seem to be more and more health conscious generally speaking, with all the organic produce out there these days. This is a great post that everyone should read and I’m passing it along to a few friends, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for offering to spread the word; I still can’t believe the numbers keep going up and up; I am positive education will lower the numbers.awareness is key.Thank you. Best wishes

  3. This is my third attempt , not sure what happened. Thanks for offering to share, awareness is very important, people are not aware until they become a victim. I am surprised the numbers keep going up and up.Thank you for spreading the word. Best wishes.

  4. Thank you, and thank you for sharing, I am confident that education will work for some, but regardless to how many, it will be worth it; I still can’t believe the number of victims continue to increase, Spread the word. Best wishes.

  5. It amazes me that we’ve gone so quickly from food rationing and mass hunger in the 1950s to now where a huge number of people are overweight and/or have type 2 diabetes. I think you’re right, while we shouldn’t force people to do things, education from a young age would have a massive impact on health throughout life, would save lives, and reduce healthcare costs too. Thought-provoking article, thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi, Courtney Devonish.
    Thanks for sharing the issue of Diabetes and your inputs if Drugs are better or Education should be increased to fight diabetes. I agree with your opinion that education is the only way which can cut short the dangers of diabetes in our future generations. We all need to take conscious decisions to raise our voice so more health-related education is included in the syllabus of our youth education.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • We the parents must make the push for schools to offer health Education as one of the must subjects. Be proactive for the next generation. Best Wishes.

      PS.View aboutdiabetesnstrokes.com and buzzzbrainexericises.com

  7. I firmly believe obesity and diabetes is related to poverty, too much white bread and not enough fruits and vegetables. We can grow a lot of our needs for healthy diets. Do your best to spread the word. Enjoy your day.

  8. WOW! After doing a few of your Brain exercises in column !#1-20, I realized what I thought of my brains ability to identify number patterns and sequencing was less than expected! I’m not sure if I represent the minority or majority but, I know I better start visiting your site to sharpen my ax!

    You have a ton of information here along with a very straight forward approach to the content.

    The letter/word ID lessons are fun,…I like those better than the ‘straight-up’ number crunching exercises; So,…I should probably frequent the Brain number exercises more than the letter/word problems! 

    At any rate,…this is my first run in with an in-depth exercise routine for my brain so,…thank you! I’ll be back for sure to test my self:)

  9. You have presented something that not very many people can truly reason that much about right now. I must say that this is really massive here and surely I agree with you on this. To say but a few things, I believe that if we all focus more on doing things the right way through proper sensitization in schools and making people to understand the importance of healthy living, we will all be good soon.

  10. Hi Courtney,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on diabetes.

    I am definitely a firm believer that education is the best way to go (prevention is most definitely better than the cure). The only thing is if everybody starts to look after themselves and diabetes levels are reduced, the big pharmaceutical companies don’t sell any drugs. As they are very powerful and good at lobbying governments, I fear that treatment will remain the normal course of action. Thanks again for a thought provoking read, Andrew

  11. I am diabetic, so a topic like yours gets my attention right away.  Given the great number of diabetics (not even counting companions of diabetics), the subject of your topic reaches an extensive audience.  Your article sounds a needed call to action for a global response to this epidemic.  You quite correctly lay out the argument for more attention to be paid to the costs of diabetes, both personally and financially.  This is a great topic that should encourage public discussion of a very important subject.

  12. You are right, the increase in incidents if diabetes every year is cause for concern, we have to protect the youth by starting them off on the right foot. The rising cost of fruits and vegetables and stagnant wages are huge issues for the average family. All these issues needs to be dealt with, if education is to play a role. Have some discussions with victims, friends and family. All the best

  13. What are they going to lobby government about? you are in control, educate yourself, eat healthy and enjoy life. be proactive. Best of health.

  14. I am sure that if we introduce health education in all schools with an emphasis on knowing the health facts about everything we eat, we can cut the numbers in half, but poverty has to be tackled at the same time, Obesity and poverty ironically, are closely linked. Lobby the powers that be. Stay healthy.

  15. Good luck with the brain exercises.. What do you think about this topic-Drugs or Education, keep up the enthusiasm, All the best

  16. Hello again Sir – It is great that you are bringing awareness to this devastating condition.  It affects every organ in the body.  It would be great if health education was taught in schools.  There was one in my high school and I still remember some of the things that were taught.  Education helps but knowledge doesn’t always take root.  The dangers of smoking are well known but I still see teenagers smoking.  But we still must educate and more pressure needs to be put on the producers of our foods to discourage the added sugars and chemicals.  Awareness is taking root but we have a long way to go. 

    Keep those great wood carvings coming!!

  17. The human brain is a mystery, I don’t know what governs our actions sometimes; if 20% listens and take heed, we still achieve. I watched a news item this morning on the political scene, and was amazed how one human being could control and corrupt so many supposedly bright minds. Lobby for that health education inn schools.

    I am writing about human behaviour and it is fascinating the things we do that is not in our physical, financial, or spiritual interest.Enjoy your day.

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