Reduce Healthcare costs

Why Sin Taxes are Good

Taxes & Health Education Can Save Governments Billions.

There is a debate in progress in the UK on the government raising taxes on Meat, as do some rich countries. More progressive health conscious countries has done so with sugar, tobacco, and alcohol.

Unfortunately a large US State has just been tricked by the Industry into encouraging voters to support dropping the taxes on groceries, including sugary Sodas. Ask yourself who funded the advertisements, and why?

Do the homework!

It is now over 3 years that I have adopted a plant-based diet, while eating a limited amount fish, however my mouth does water for a good lamb chop, but I have never succumbed.

A Tax on Red Meat

According to a BBC report, Scientists at the University of Oxford are encouraging the Uk Government to impose taxes on red meat, like beef, pork and lamb in an effort to reduce consumption.

Projected Savings in UK

6000 Lives a year

700 million pounds per year in health care costs.

I have not seen any figures on savings to individuals in health care costs and longevity.


220.000 Lives

41 billion in Health Care Costs

How much in individual healthcare cost?

How many years in longevity?

Please share any known research.

Why is red meat a danger to health and the environment?

Scientist has reported that eating red meat is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and cancer.

Processed meats like bacon, sausages, ham, are more dangerous and could increase the risk of cancer.

Environmental impact on eating red Meat

Reducing land and water use, along with carbon emissions associated with the cattle industry, can help solve the problems of climate change.

It is reported that the global livestock industry causes 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions; as long as global meat consumption increases, dangerous climate change is inevitable.

Livestock Industry

People around the world are eating more meat than ever, most meals are now including some form of meat.

Studies have indicated that the livestock industry create enormous amounts of waste, generates pollution and releases huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Land use is also a factor in livestock farming, two-thirds of all agricultural land worldwide is dedicated to feeding livestock. While only percent of agricultural land is dedicated to producing food for human consumption. Deforestation is also a negative factor.

Pig Farming

Studies has increasingly shown the impact that phosphorous, nitrates and bacteria from fertilizer and accumulated manure have on lakes and rivers, plus air pollution can be harmful to respiratory health. This assessment have resulted in many lawsuits across the pig farming states of America.

Residents in the states of Iowa and North Carolina, two of the top pig farming states are concerned about clean drinking water; this is true of those who rely on rivers and lakes for their water.

The industry is plagued with lawsuits and safety regulations., all of which cost huge sums of money.

Tax Increases to recoup healthcare costs

Germany :20 % on unprocessed meat.

110% on processed meat

UK: 14 % on unprocessed meat

79% on processed meats.

USA: 34% on unprocessed meat

163% on processed meat.

Impact of Sin Tax on Red Meat

Most developed countries have already imposed a Sin Tax on Tobacco, Alcohol and Sugar, now the debate is over Red Meat.

A report in the Telegraph on 6 November suggests that the implementation of a meat tax would result in the cost of processed meats to almost double; in order to prevent thousands of Britons from dying each year.

Should Governments control what you eat?

Of course Governments cannot tell you what to eat or drink. There are consequences to consuming certain foods; the number one is health.

Your health is at risk when you consume the foods listed in this article; those risks cost governments vast sums in health care. Why should the health conscious public pay for the sins of the unhealthy consumers, who might be very aware of the risks?

A tax on what you consume seems fair to enable the recouping of the health care cost.

All may benefit from such a tax; If Government expenditure decreases, there is no reason why your taxes should not be reduced. On the other hand government could channel the savings to other projects like education, recreation, or benefits for the poor.

Health Education in All Schools

Health education in all schools, at all levels would be the best answer to all the issues surrounding Sin Taxes; it should lead to a healthier society with winners all around, lower health care costs, lower taxes, longevity and a cleaner environment.

“Eat What You Want, but Pay the Price”

What do you think?

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