facial exercise

This recommendation is based purely on personal experience. I was very lucky that my stroke evolved in the hospital and my physical impairments were not severe, there is still a […]

Llab worker with blood samples

Can a simple blood test detect cancer before a tumor develops? If you have ever suffered any serious health problems like a stroke, diabetes or heart attack , you tend […]

Stress And Cardiovascular Disease

Exercise Daily And Eat Healthy Foods- Dark Chocolate- Stress Can Be Dangerous To Your Health There are many people who are not aware that an emotion like stress can be […]

health benefits of sweet potato.plant base diet.

Exercise Daily And Eat healthy foods-Sweet potato. Create Your Family EBook On The Health Benefits Of Plants and Herbs. A Plant-Based Diet Will Save You Lots OF Money And Make […]

CARVED HEART BY Courtney Devonish Mahogany.- Hearts were created as a touch form during my student days to help fellow student quit smoking.Their major complaint was- they needed something to […]