Water is not just water it also contains nutrients. It is important that we stay hydrated, we use up the 70% water in our bodies as we go about our […]

My favorite Cucumbers in the whole wide world This is my favorite cucumber recipe and the cucumbers in the photo are my favorite cucumbers in the whole wide world. 1 […]

My mother taught me how to cook from a very early age, when I was in primary school, she taught me until she immigrated to England, and my grand mother […]

I have come to the conclusion that Scientist would better serve mankind if they were to conduct extensive scientific studies of every edible plant known to man and seek out […]

Avoiding Aluminum Toxicity It is a fact that we cannot completely avoid exposure to Aluminum and some other heavy metals, we are further exposed by the use of much of […]

The Dangers of Aluminum Toxicity to Human Health The feedback from the previous article- Health Risks Of Aluminum– prompted further research on the topic; The debate is confusing, to say […]

Do You Still Use Aluminum Utensils? Aluminum was discovered during the nineteen century, starting with Dane Hans Christian Oersted-1777-1851 added by other scientists from France. Sainte-Claire Deville, Paul Heroult and […]

I should have written this blog long ago, there are some local statistics about diabetes on the Island of Anguilla that prompted this article. If the numbers I heard during […]