Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods. Adopt a Plant-based Diet. Beware of Obesity. According to a Leeds University professor some people are confused or ignorant of the proven risk factors […]

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Exercise Daily and Adopt A Plant Based Diet.-Pumpkin seeds   Pumpkins originated from Central America and are associated with Halloween around the world. Halloween is one of the world’s oldest […]

A silent stroke is a stroke without symptoms; the way it can be discovered is by a CT SCAN or MRI. Strokes occurs when the blood to a particular part […]

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Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes If you are suffering weight loss, blurred vision, loss of muscle bulk or passing urine more frequent than normal or feeling very tired, you should […]

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Recent research I read a report a while ago that said people were living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. Recent research also shows that people are falling victims to […]

Obesity and Diabetes Contrary to popular belief that diabetes in more prevalent among the poor and working-class populations of the world where poor nutrition is an issue; we have just […]

Diabetes Update

Not Two But Five Types Of Diabetes For the past week the news around the world carried the story of the scientific discovery of 5 distinct types of diabetes. Traditionally […]


  Symptoms of Bowel Cancer Bleeding from the rectum or blood in your stool Some not so common systems could be constant feeling of tiredness or dizziness Unexplained weight loss […]

The Importance Of A Plant-based Diet. Every day we are discovering scientific evidence that proves what global inhabitants knew thousands of years ago. We think we are living in a […]