I am dedicating this research to my daughter who is a final year student at University. I only did 3 years of college studies and there were times I felt […]

Cough CPR Yes Or No? A friend recently sent me an email, that seem to have gone viral on the Internet; He was also asking to share the post on […]

Exercise Daily And Eat Healthy Foods Start Your Family EBook On Healthy Foods To Eat; begin by using the list on this website. Arthritis comes with aging; few of us […]

My Touch Forms started during my student days to help fellow student quit smoking.Their major complaint was- they needed something to do with their hands- In the beginning the forms […]

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods. I have been researching health foods for the past four years, with a bias towards Diabetes and Strokes; but what I am discovering is […]

Latest News On Strokes

Exercise Daily and eat Healthy Foods-Ginkgo Biloba Medical News today recently published a report that says the ancient herbal extract known as ginko biloba might benefit cognitive functioning after a […]