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Using Music Like a Drug

Let The Music Play

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of patient-chosen music based modalities such as listening, drumming, lyric writing or analyst, or composition for a specified end, such as calming anxiety, dissipating anger, feeling loss, or relieving depressive or sad feelings-(Developmental- Behavioral Pediatrics- 2009)

Music calms nerves ‘before surgery”as well as a sedative”

The university of Pennsylvania study of 157 people found that listening to music reduced anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate just as well as a sedative.

The patients were listening to what was labeled -“the world”s most relaxing song.

After listening to the song, I am not surprised that patients said they would prefer to choose their own music It would bring heart and soul into the picture.

The researchers are paying heed and are now interested in finding out whether the type of music and how it is played to patients makes a difference to the results.

Music has always played the part of a drug in my life, and there was different music for each ailment, Blues for when I was in a sad mood, music for when I was in love; Nina Simone and Soloman Burke were my two regular go to singers; Classical or select Jazz for studying; Otis Redding, Wilson Picket James Brown and select Reggae for my happy solo dancing moods

Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, Jimmy Smith and Miles Davis when I was relaxing for peaceful pleasure; Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, when I was reflecting on the state of affairs. So much time is spent creating these days that music is somewhat missing.

The song was Weightless by UK band Marconi Union, played while the patients were having an anaesthetic to numb the region of the body.

While listening to the song, I felt like I was floating in space, but definitely it would be a hit for studying.

The researchers went on to point out that feeling anxious before surgery can affect recovery because of the stress hormones produced in the body, pointing out drugs that reduce anxiety can have side -effect whereas music medicine was virtually harm free; I love the next word coming from the researchers -Inexpensive.

Quote from Dr. Venna Graff, assistant professor of anesthesiology and critical care from the University of Pansylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

“Music lights up the emotional area of the brain, the reward system and the pleasure part ways”; exactly what I meant by bring the heart and soul into the picture.

I also have a little secret for when I attend my favorite uncomfortable place- in the dentist chair, I would squeeze the left thumb with the first finger and right thumb as hard as is necessary to transfer any pain or fear from mouth to the thumb.

A blog was recently posted on Music Therapy, in helping stroke victims to regain their speech, as it was discovered that some stroke victims could sing but not talk, The therapy was working for a Jazz singer, 2 famous people and a member of a choir. In Australia

Music therapy has helped patients during operations. Patients like Anna Marie Whitlock playing the flute and Musa Manzini playing the guitar.

It is even suggested that music can help improve the lives of people with Dementia

music in the work place in being introducing more and more to boost production. Music played a vital role in the survival of Slaves.

Music Therapy will receive more and more focus as research discoveries unfold.

Check out the podcast n BBC and for more information on Music Therapy, just Google the subject.

I am an Artist/ Craftsman first and CEO of buzz brain second.


  1. Music certainly calms the nerves and makes you more relaxed so having your favourite music playing before surgery will definitely help you to get over all the issues that you will be thinking about before going under the knife

    When I had a heart attack I was really anxious before going to have a sent put in bug after playing the music I love it calmed me right down

    I had no idea that it might help after the surgery though, but does that only work if u out keep playing music afterwards?

  2. Thanks for visiting, Music is always a great companion, when I was a student, music was always playing whenever I was in the room, that continued to this day, my wife loves Jazz, so I give way  to her , but plays my choices when she is not there, bot never enough music.

  3. I have been using specific genres of music for years now in an attempt to induce certain feelings and states of mind when needed.

    For instance, I have a couple of music tracks which I use to calm myself down when I am stressed or angry. Other tracks I use when I am journaling and others when I am trying to study.

    Music is an amazing way to boost your mind when performing tasks.

  4. Hi,
    Music is minded fresher to me. When I feel depressed I would like to listen to music. This article shows the importance of music in our daily lives. In this article, the author mentioned music therapy which is a very interesting concept for me. This article is really helpful for me to understand. I would like to recommend everyone to know about this article

  5. Thank you for visiting and offering to share the link. I overheard another news item a couple days ago where an English University is also experimenting with music for communication. will try to find it again, as I only heard it in the background while I was otherwise engaged.

  6. Thanks for your  input. There are many studies being conducted, why did it take this long to discover the importance of music in our lives when examples were staring us in the face many many years ago. Keep on  playing the music. All the best.

  7. Very good article.
    A few years ago I was working with a brain injured man and introduced music as a therapy. I would sing the verse, he would play the chorus on a train whistle ! It was great, and a fun challenge for him to know when his part was coming, and to perform it seamlessly. We laughed so hard when he missed his cue, and we laughed so hard when he got it bang on. Maybe it was the laughter that was more healing in that situation…but he sure loved music, and his naps after lunch with old time songs, or gentle classical, was one of his favorite times of day.

  8. Hi, great post!

    A few years ago I was working with a brain injured man, and introduced music as a therapy. I chose a song in which he could have an active part, I singing the verse, and he playing the chorus on a wooden train whistle. It was great fun, and we laughed and laughed when he missed his cue, and we laughed and laughed when he hit his cue! perhaps it was the laughter that was more healing than the song, but it was a great time 🙂 He was always a little looser in tight joints, his back more relaxed, and his constant movement slowed.

    During nap time he always requested music, and would drift off to light classical, or old time songs. It was a favorite time of day for him, and music made it so.

    Music relaxes people, connects with their heart rhythm, and soothes the soul. Calms anxiety, lifts a depressed mood, and makes us dance and move our feet. Love music. !!

  9. It was the music that inspired the laughter, the medics are now conducting serious research as  to how music can help healing.. Interesting to see where we go from here, what affordable medicine!Thanks for your input.

  10. Thanks for writing this piece of how wonderful music can help patients alleviate pain and fear and can improve their health conditions. I am now interested to know what genre of music is considered proper and appropriate to patients. 

    Is there a study on what genre of music has been played over a particular patient with a particular illness?

  11. Music always inspires me and thanks for your great information. Now I know that music can save lives of people and understand why music could be played in hospitals. In my area is very common for patients to ask for their church choirs members to come and sing for them while admitted to the hospital, believing that it helps them to recover quickly. I think that’s the science behind it. So far how many types of music are known to have that impact on patients? Thanks for sharing that information.

  12. I am a musician and I work in different genres. Depending on what I am doing, I always have some music going in the background. My training in classical helps me appreciate those calming melodies when I need to relax and reggae and jazz help me when the lyrics mean a lot to whatever situation I find myself. What would we do without music? I think we are all musicians at some level and we can use whatever appeals to us to provide inspiration and peace. Thanks for this article.

  13. This has to be one of my favorite articles ever.  Music therapy along with art therapy has played a major role in the healing of many people I know.  Both forms of therapy are so non-invasive to the body and so effective at the same time.

    A close friend of mine is a music therapist by trade.  Her success stories bring a tear of joy to my eye.  Seeing her interact with her patients (I am an artist and musician) as they sing together and seeing how amazingly her patients, including but not limited to stroke patients, war-weathered veterans with PTSD, TBI (or both) as well as persons on the Autism spectrum etc. respond to the music, proves how powerful and compassionate this form of therapy can truly be.

    On a side note, I had never heard of Marconi Union’s Weightless until your article.  I had to YouTube it to see what it was.  I found several versions of varying lengths.  The 8 minute version has over 48 million views; the extended 31 minute version has over 6 million views and the 10 hour version (yes 10 hours), over 12 million views. It is amazing!

    Thank you again for sharing with the world, this beautiful information regarding music as therapy.

  14. Wow!Amazing post there. I definitely can relate to it. Music as they say is life indeed. I love listening to music and singing at work. It helps my mood too. It helps me to sleep sometimes!

    No wonder, it has been discovered that it calms patients abour to go for surgery or going through any crises. I have heard the Mozart does wonders to patients, though i am yet to hear it.

    Truly an ’inexpensive’ alternative to the anasthesia. Only it can’t keep you from feeling any pain through surgery, would have been popular demand.

    But all the Same, I Love Good Music!

  15. “Music is like a dream. One I cannot hear- Ludwig Van Beethoven

    “without music life would be a mistake”-Friedrich Neitzsche. 

    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Plato.

    I thought I would share these quotes on music. Enjoy. 

    Let the music play on.

    Thanks for visiting.

  16. Thank you, you comments almost brought tear to mine.You are luck to be able to share in the experiences . was not aware of the popularity of the videos. Happy to share. Best wishes.

  17. Music is always in my life, my father was a music teacher and choir master, although he never went to college. My best moments are dancing alone in the dark, in my birthday suit, to soul and reggae.I wish I had learn to play the drums.I remember an incident at a college dance; I was dancing with my then girlfriend, and the band started a drum solo, the beat got faster and faster, with my trying to keep paste, I opened my eyes at the sound of clapping, only to  realize I was the only person on the dance floor, with all the students standing around in a circle. I felt so

  18. Classical seem to be the best music, but for some it could be Jazz , who knows, the researchers are trying to find out.Thanks for your input.

  19. I am waiting to hear what the research reveals, my hunch is it will be personal, showing the type of music that lifts the soul of the individual. Lyrics might even play a role.

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