Liver and Kidney Health

What is the function of liver and kidneys?

We all take some form of biology classes in schools, but I am not sure how personally we apply the things we learn, I am positive if we take a more personal approach with a fixed purpose of helping us to care for our bodies, we will retain more of what we learn and learning will become more meaningful; rather than studying for an exam result.

When we buy a new gadget, tool, or appliance, the first thing we do is to study the manual; why would we not apply the same principal for our bodies, which we cannot replace and have to care for the rest of our lives.

I am aware that with to days medical advancements, we can replace certain body parts, but perhaps with careful management and knowledge, we might be able to avoid the pain and expense of replacements. Let us learn the functions of the five vital organs in our bodies, and how best to care them.

The Liver

When the liver has broken down harmful substances, its by-products are excreted into the bile or blood; bile by-products enter the intestine and leave the body in the form of feces.

The liver is responsible for producing hormones, detoxifying food, and breaking down old red blood cells. When one thinks of the liver, they think about drinking alcohol, which is a poison. If you want to have a healthy liver you should avoid drinking alcohol all together, but you still hear the debate about red wine.

The liver is responsible for the breakdown of drugs, detoxifying of harmful chemicals, the filtering of blood, secretion of bile and production of blood-clotting proteins.( the human body-live

The Kidneys

Blood by-products are filtered out by the kidneys, and leave the body in the form of urine. (John Hopkins Medicines Health Library)

The job of the kidneys is to remove waste and extra fluid from the blood. The kidneys take urea out of the blood and combine it with water and other substances to make urine. The kidneys process about 50 gallons of blood to filter out about 2 quarts of waste and water.

There are five very important organs in the human body; the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.

Foods for Liver and Kidney Health


Green tea

Leafy greens


Avocados (Please note the warning on avocados when one is suffering from kidney disease )


Beets and carrots

Olive oil

Calciferous vegetables

Lemon and limes




Vitamins C, E and Beta-carotene

Herbs -milk thistle, dandelion root and schisandra-(a deciduous woody vine native to the forests of Northern china and the Russian Far East; its fruit is also known as the Magnolia Berry or five-flavor fruit. Considered one of the most complete tonic herbal medicines.

I have taken a quick look at the health benefits of this magnificent plant; have anyone in the Caribbean, North or South America ever researched if this plant can grow in their respective countries?

Things to avoid for better Liver and Kidney Health



Saturated fats

Salt-fortified foods-(example: canned foods)

Important discovery to be aware- discovered through research- Some foods that are labeled as health foods can have a negative impact when the damage is already done and certain diseases has set in.

Please note that all my findings on health are the result of Internet research; I am not a healthcare professional.


  1. Well Said!  I think it’s very important to learn about our own bodies.  I think I know more about my cell phone than I do my liver.  Unfortunately  I think that is the truth for a lot of people.  One thing I really worry about is energy drink consumption and it’s effects of organs.  Energy drinks have only been around for maybe 10-15 years or so.  That’s hardly enough time to study their long term effects on people.  I’d love to see you do a post about energy drinks if you can. 

    I’m especially worried about the effects of those drinks on livers and kidneys.  We have an entire generation of children consuming those daily.  I worry that we are going to see early liver failure in the next generation.  God forbid that energy drinks put people on the liver transplant list.

  2. Thanks for you informative article! One of the things I have learned and am constantly amazed about is just how interconnected the organs of our bodies are and how much different foods can affect their health. Thanks for the list of foods to try and ones to avoid. Might you be able to talk a bit more about how each food affects the liver and kidneys?

  3. Interesting article. Thanks for doing the research. My father suffered from kidney failure late in life and had to have dialysis a couple of times a week.  I always knew that your kidneys filtered out waste from your blood but I didn’t realize until then how important your kidneys are for regulating the amount of water retained by your body. 

    I agree that it’s vitally important to take care of our bodies and do what i can through exercise and diet to do just that.  

  4. Thank you for this informative article on our liver and kidney health. I completely agree that we need to make ourselves aware of diabetes through a training guide or something else to remind us. 

    Great point about the importance of the liver to our bodies. Our system’s have natural processes that allow us to break down the bad stuff and get it out, but people like to abuse that and neglect it. Then they wonder why their body breaks down and they begin to have health problems. The best thing we can do is change our negative habits that contribute to the problem. 

    I appreciate you listing the foods that will help our system replenish itself. Many people are not aware that we can take steps to increase our health simply by disciplining the way that we eat. It may be a little more expensive, but it is worth it in terms of added medical bills down the line. It’s pretty much an investment in yourself, which is usually the best investment you can make.

    Thank you for sharing this important information and I hope to hear more about your story. Take care.

  5. Nice educative piece. Health is wealth and since liver and kidney is very important to human survival therefore we have to good care of ourselves. Many are actually killing themselves by some  bad food diet they are eating. Those guys that are addicted to alcohol are actually killing themselves gradually and they think they are having fun. 

    I  learned about good foods for kidney and liver which should not be taken for granted. 

    Daily consumption of Garlic, great amount of vegetables and fruits especially apple will help us our liver and kidney be healthy. It is a popular saying which says daily eating of an apple will keep you away from doctors. 

    I always love to read about health articles that can help us live longer thanks. 


  6. I read this article because I am paying more attention to my health these days, but i have never really found out what is good for these organs. I am glad for that listing of foods, and although I like most of them (except walnuts) in my daily meals I just might not be getting enough because I don’t eat them often. Now I know. 

  7. Thanks for visiting, happy the article helps, there is a lot more on the website-aboutdiabetesnstrokes,com 

    Best wishes.

  8. Glad to hear you are taking care of your health; Thanks for visiting. All the best.

  9. Thanks for your comments; It might not be more expensive, you just has to know what to eat. You can take a longer look at Best wishes.

  10. You are right, exercise is also very important, we have to educate ourselves about our bodies also.Thanks for the visit.

    Best wishes.

  11. You will be surprise how important the same foods are for different health reasons. A plant based-diet covers a lot; along with daily exercise. Thank you for visiting.

    Best wishes.

  12. Thanks for the visit, I am writing a series of articles for another website, and I am stressing how important it is to educate ourselves and our children from very early, and relate our biology classes to ourselves, not just for exams.I will take a peep at energy drinks. 

    All the best.

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