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Exercise Daily and eat Healthy Foods-Ginkgo Biloba

Medical News today recently published a report that says the ancient herbal extract known as ginko biloba might benefit cognitive functioning after a stroke, When it is used in combination with aspirin.

The study was conducted by Qi Fang from the Department of Neurology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University in Suzhou China and colleagues

The study suggests that Ginko bilobia extract can improve cognitive and neurological functions of acute ischaemic stroke.

What is an ischemic stroke?
By Wikipedia
An ischemic stroke can be divided into 2 main types;
Thrombotic-occurs when the diseased or damaged cerebral arteries become blocked by the formation of a blood clot within the brain.

Embolic-if the brain is deprived of oxygen and other nutrients, the brain suffers damage as a result of a stoke; clinically referred to as a cerebral thrombosis.

Embolic stroke is also caused by a clot within an artery, but in this case the the clot forms somewhere other than in the brain itself; often from the heart.
These emboli will travel in the blood stream until they become lodged and cannot travel any further. This will restrict the flow of blood to the brain.

What is ginkgo biloba extract?

It is a Herbal Supplement that derives from the ginkgo tree or the maiden hair tree which is native to china.

It has been used in medicine for years for healing wounds, anxiety and depression. But it is still not surprising that the National Institute of Health says that there is no conclusive evidence that ginkgo is helpful for any health condition.
This new study disagrees with that assumption.

Are you aware that the Caribbean is also home a subspecies of the Asian maidenhair/ Ginkgo Biloba tree and are even bigger and stronger.
What are our bright young scientists doing to contribute to enrichment of our health, given the plant resources?

Please acquaint the youth with this plant If there is one in your neighborhood.

It would appear that the natural dried leaves can be used; Please do your own research or ask one of your children to request some research as a school project.

Does this resurrect aspirin?

A couple years ago I was warned about taking a daily dose of baby aspirin, some medical experts also warned against taking aspirin.

How do we know for sure what to consume and what not to; In this era when money has become a major disease; Who do we trust?
This is becoming a growing problem for consumers.

Sometimes I think there was a higher Intelligence than we are today.
How come these plant base medicines were used thousands of years ago and we are only now researching them. We still don’t know how the Pyramids were built.
Related News
Cheese is in the health news again.

In another study Fang and his colleagues suggests that eating cheese every day may help to protect heart health.

I love cheese and was trying to limit myself to cottage cheese, which do not carry the same cholesterol fears.

Cheese contains some nutrients that are beneficial to health-zinc, calcium, vitamins A and B12, but it is also high in saturated fats which can increase cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The new study suggests the opposite

How do we know for sure what to consume and what not to; In this era when money has become a major disease; Who do we trust?
This is becoming a growing problem for consumers.

I am not a medical doctor or is engaged in health care; I am merely a researcher sharing the results of my research.

For further reading go to Medical News today.

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