How Salt Causes High Blood Pressure

Salt- Sodium Chloride

A blood pressure greater than 140/90 is said to be high and can lead to a stroke, as my reading of 160/90 did in 2013. Research has shown that lowering blood pressure has a beneficial effect on reducing the possibility of a stroke or heart attack.

Other factors are obesity coupled with lack of exercise

Numerous studies support the concept that salt intake is a major factor in increasing blood pressure worldwide.

Sodium chloride is one of the most essential minerals to humans and animal; it helps control your body’s fluid balance, and is crucial for nerve and muscle function.

Sodium Chloride is one of the most common and affordable minerals in the world.

Table salt -sodium chloride is made up of 40% sodium

Sources -sea water, and rock salt or halite

Land salt-comes from evaporated ancients oceans

Anguilla is a classic example; in olden days salt was picked from a salt pond for use locally, and exported to Trinidad for the oil business.

The Caribbean experienced a high level of salt products, salt fish, salt herrings. Salt beef, salt pork mainly pig tails, pigs feet and ribs. Pigs feet, tails and snout are still popular for today for cooking souse- a weekend delicacy.

When salt was expensive

Salt was use as money in history

Sweden still consumes a delicacy-Surstromming Swedish for sour herring- noted to be one of the most putrid food smells in the world. (rotten fish)

Surstroming was part of the Northern Swedish cuisine since the 15the century when salt was an expensive commodity, even used as money at one time in history.

Other noted putrid food smells are the Korean-hongeohoe (fermented skate) and Japanese Kusaya ( salted, dried and fermented fish)

More fermented fish examples are garum a fermented sauce used by the ancient Romans and Greeks. Worcestershire sauce also has a fermented fish ingredient.

During the late seventies I attended a party in Sweden, where a can of the Swedish delicacy was opened. Myself and an English young lady exited the room in a hurry, holding one hand firmly to our mouths and the other tight to our bellies. The smell was still present in the room the following day; I had hidden the empty can in the cellar of the apartment in an effort to get rid of the smell after the delicacy was consumed.

Foods high in salt

Salt is found at low levels in all food

Salt is great as a preservative, and for adding flavor to most foods.




Salad dressings


Instant pudding

Vegetable juices

Cottage cheese


Boxed potato dishes

Pork rinds

Canned vegetables

Dried meats

Processed cheese


Cold cuts and salami




Hot dogs and bratwurst

Tomato sauce

Bagels and other breads

Canned meats, poultry and seafood


Macaroni and cheese

Frozen meals

Baked beans


Bacon and salt pork

Salt beef

Salt cod

Salt herrings

Anywhere there is food there is Salt; can you ever receiving a lesson in school on salt, I can’t. Please join me in lobbying the powers that be to introduce Health Education in All Schools

One of my earliest experiences of salt was watching my mother prepare salt fish; It was a staple Caribbean dish for both rich and poor; but primarily the poor. A Canadian fisherman was the first person to alert me of the poor quality of the Caribbean salt fish; he told me they had 4 grades of salt fish on the codfish boats, A, B, C, and west Indian.

The first time I saw salt fish in Canadian, I did not recognize it, it was thick, off- white, skinless and few bones, compared to what I knew, thin, dark, and with skin and lots of bones. The Caribbean is still importing grade 4 codfish and now it has become a delicacy ans is almost the same price of fresh fish, our pallets still yearn for salt fish so we continue to buy grade 4 at an unbelievable prices.

Top salt producing countries






















Saudi Arabia


What is Iodised Salt?

We often see salt in supermarkets labeled Iodised salt and wonder what is the difference.

Wikipedia ( “Iodised salt is a table salt mixed with a minute amount of various salts of the element of iodine. the ingestion of iodine prevents iodine deficiency worldwide, iodine deficiency affects about two billion people and is the leading preventable cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities

Kosher salt is a brand not necessarily anything to do with being Jewish .

It is a coarse grained salt made from salt crystals from sea water or salt mines

Everything in moderation

Salt and diabetes

Warning signs

Frequent urination

Persistent thirst

Swelling in strange places

You find food bland and boring

Frequent mild headaches

A craving for salty foods

Dizziness when you stand up or change positions

Severe sweating, fever, vomiting and diarrhea

Research indicates that high salt intake is related to the rise in blood pressure, which can lead to a stroke.
The evidence that links salt to blood pressure is as strong as that linking cigarette smoking to cancer and heart disease.

For further reading on salt visit, ADTV .com, and The Internet is full of more information, just Google Salt and high blood pressure.

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