How Exciting Is The Latest News on Cancer Research?

CancerSEEK-detecting 8 cancers
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Cancer is the big fear word for every one; it puts the fear of death in many people day in and day out.

Billions of dollars has gone into research over the years and we are yet to find a cure.

Prevention versus Cure

What concerns me is whether we are convinced that the food we eat can prevent cancer; why are we not placing more focus on prevention rather than cure; I am sure it will reduce health costs the world over; and the savings can be better spent on infrastructure and management of the environment.

Why have we not introduced health care and financial education as mandatory subjects in all schools? it might help us to see the wisdom in eating Healthy.

In my humble opinion one of the greatest contributions the world can make towards relieving world poverty and improving unemployment is -Eating Healthy.

I am sickened by the vast amount of agricultural land that is covered with bush in the Caribbean; it is usually wild Moses. Why not plant fruit trees so the poor don’t go hungry.

The sad part is that many of the land owners are former plantations owners living overseas.

When I heard a BBC report recently that researches had found a blood test for cancer; it was like hearing the best piece of music ever.

The big news was about the discovery of a noninvasive blood test to detect tumors in the ovary, pancreas, lung, breast, stomach, liver, colon and esophagus

A Team of researchers from the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore with collaboration from Australian scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute are behind the Big News.

The research was carried out on mice that discovered a new experimental drug that could detect brain and melanoma cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

The drugs can kill pre- malignant cells before the tumors start to grow; it woud appear the drugs will starve the cancer cells to death.

Was this news premature?

DR. Vinay Prasad a hematologist-oncologist described the achievement as one step in a thousand mile journey.

Another view is that we have a long way to go; there were a 40 % effective signs of cancer but not where in the body is affected.

There is a price; targeting a figure of $ 500.00

This is undoubtedly great news for the world; but we also have a long way to go

Hope can be the greatest medicine

I am only a researcher interested in building a better world; if you are interested in the topic you can search the Internet for the BBC report on Jan.9 –Cancer blood test enormously exciting by James Gallagher or you can see the report by the journal-Science.

There are also plenty of other websites carrying the Big News

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