How Do You Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes increases the risk of total cancer

Preventing diabetes is now a cause of deep concern for the entire global population.

Recent scientific studies can cause alarming anxiety for diabetics and global populations;Not only is the increase in diabetes a global problem, now researchers are suggesting that diabetes increases the rick total cancer and site- specific cancers of the breast, endometrium. Bladder, liver, colorectum and pancreas, on the other hand is little consoling news in the fact that decreases the risk of prostate cancer.

Its like a to edged sword when the researches suggest that the treatment for diabetes might effect the risk of cancer, along with some of the known reasons like obesity, smoking and lack of exercise,

Which is worse, the cure or the side effects?

We are aware that the list of side effects for some medicines will drive fear into many patients, in this case it would appear that the main treatment for diabetic -insulin might be associated with the risk of cancer.

This research might have prompted The American Diabetes association and the American Cancer Society to review the evidence regarding the association between diabetes and cancer and whether diabetes treatment influence the risk of cancer or cancer prognosis.

Research has suggested that diabetic patients have a higher risk of cancer death than non- diabetic people; further to that cancer patients with pr-existing diabetes have higher short-term and long -term moralities

10 Leading causes of death

1. Heart Disease

2. Cancer

3. Unintentional injuries

4. Chronic lower respiratory disease

5. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases

6. Alzheimer’ disease

7. Diabetes

8. Influenza and Pneumonia

9. Kidney disease

10. Suicide

Diabetes is on the increase world-wide

The link between diabetes and cancer i a strong motivation to follow ways to avoid getting diabetes

Cut sugar, refined carbs and processed foods

Exercise daily for at lest 30 minutes

Drink water as your regular beverage and avoid sugary sodas

Manage your weight say no to obesity

Quit smoking

Follow a low carb diet

Adopt a plant based diet as much as possible ( See

Avoid large portions, make breakfast and lunch your main meals, eat a light snack before 7pm.

Avoid sedentary behaviors- sitting during most of the day- little physical exercise

Eat a high fiber diet- avocado, broccoli, figs, berries, cereal, beans, lentils., artichokes, pears, brown rice, peas, chia seeds, nuts,

Make sure you get enough Vitamin D-tuna, salmon, mackerel, orange juice, some dairy product

Drink Tea or Coffee

Research availability of natural herbs for good health.

All in all be disciplined, especially exercising every day,

Stay healthy and live long in good health, by the grace of God and sound health education.

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Please join me in lobbying the powers that be to add Health Education on the curriculum in all schools.

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