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How Cats Can Turn You Into A Businessman Or Make You Sick

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This is probably the strangest piece of information I have learned in a very long time; what makes it so strange, I cannot decide how to classify the info, whether it is a positive or a negative, or both.

For all you cat lovers, did you know that there is a Cat-poop parasite that can change your brain?

The parasite is called the Toxoplasma gondii; It is supposedly the reason why mice are not afraid of cats, and an estimated two billion people around the world are infected by this parasite.

Researchers are telling us that they have found evidence suggesting the Toxoplasma gondii infection in humans is responsible for depression and suicide, impulsive and aggressive actions and possibly some forms of psychosis.(Psychosis)

What is strange and alarming is the findings of a new piece of research published in Proceedings Royal Society B suggesting that this same parasite promotes entrepreneurship. You can be contaminated by accidentally swallowing the parasite when cleaning a cat’s litter box or by consuming unwashed fruits or vegetables.

The parasite is found throughout the world and millions of people may be infected; there are over 60 million infected people in the USA alone.

The good news is that very few infected people have symptoms; the immune system of healthy people usually prevents the parasite from causing illness.

Unfortunately the problem can be with pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems. For them the parasite can cause serious health problems.

How can you be contaminated.

1. Eating undercooked contaminated pork, lamb, venison or other meats.

2. Not washing your hands thoroughly after accidentally ingesting undercooked contaminated meat.

3. Eating food that was contaminated by utensils, cutting boards or knives and any other foods tat came in contact with raw contaminated meat.

4. Drinking water that was contaminated with the parasite.

5. Accidentally swallowing the parasite through contact with contaminated cat feces.

Links to Mental Illness

Researchers has suggested that having a cat during childhood is a risk factor for developing mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar later in life.

One of the Startling discoveries is that someone infected with the parasite is more likely to get into a car accident due to a lower reaction time or may be less inhibited in risky or scary situations.

Toxoplasma gondii and Entrepreneurship

Researchers are suggesting that Infection of the parasite can reduce your fear even to the extent to you becoming an entrepreneur. The study links the parasite to a lack of fear and increased risk-taking behaviors found among entrepreneurs.

The most place to be infected is the brain, causing people to take unusual risks, or engage in aggressive behavior. Reducing the incidence of fear.

The basic finding is that countries with higher level of toxoplasma had higher levels of entrepreneurship, more than likely a high percentage of students in business schools has the infection in their brain.

Is this a positive or a negative, when we see rock climbers, race car drivers and trill seekers or people to perform daring, dangerous and risky acts; will the parasite toxoplasma gondii spring to mind?

There is a lot more to this research, browse the internet for articles on cat-poop and mental illness, or cat-poop and entrepreneurship.


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