Heart Attack Update-Cough CPR

Cough CPR Yes Or No?

A friend recently sent me an email, that seem to have gone viral on the Internet; He was also asking to share the post on second thoughts I am not sure it was a wise decision.

Cough CPR was circulating since 1999. It merely describes a resuscitation technique that can be life saving if a person is still conscious but feeling signs of a heart attack.

The patient should engage in per longed forceful coughing and deep breathing every 2 to 3 seconds, in order to stay conscious until help arrives or be rushed to the nearest hospital.

In any case one should always call 911 as soon as possible at the first signs of a heart attack.

Non Endorsement

The American Heart Association has responded to the email by stating that Cough CPR is not useful for unresponsive victims and should not be taught to lay rescuers.

It went on to say that during a sudden abnormal heart rhythm, it might be possible for a conscious person to cough forcefully and repetitively to maintain enough blood flow to the brain to remain conscious for a few seconds, until the abnormal heart rhythm is treated.

The association went on to explain that Blood flow is maintained by increased pressure in the chest that occurs during forceful coughs.

The article seem to be on the defensive and appear to be dismissing Cough CPR all together for all lay persons.

Especially when they state that Cough CPR should not be taught to lay rescuers.

The debate is whether CPR is too dangerous or risky to practice under inexperienced circumstances or whether the chances of saving a life warrant wide training similar to ordinary CPR

One would have thought that anything that is helpful in an emergency if the circumstances warrant it, should be taught.

But they did go on to say that it could be used when the patient is conscious and responsive.

Cough CPR has been used successfully in isolated cases by patients who knew exactly what to do or under the supervision of an experienced physician.

Warning from The Medical Experts.

Without proper training or expert supervision Cough CPR could result in fatality

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  1. Never heard of this before, and we often have updates on first aid in my job.I will ask the personell next time.But it sounds like something to be tried just with skilled physicians around, or if there are none of them around when attack occurs, and you are lucky enough to know? It needs to be described very correctly, if shared, I should think

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think because of the risks one should know how to.The medics are scared it can be a risk also; but it seems to me that it can save lives; We need to keep our Doctors working;Lol.Have a great day.
    The winner of the first heart just sent me a clue to share-Look beyond the numbers- you can almost see the sentence if you look closely.

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