Healthy Cooking Utensils

Avoiding Aluminum Toxicity

It is a fact that we cannot completely avoid exposure to Aluminum and some other heavy metals, we are further exposed by the use of much of our cooking utensils and a proliferation of our canned products for human consumption.

You have seen the long list of diseases we can suffer by the exposure to Aluminum, and this has been known for some time, so much so that there should have been a more advanced research into our cooking habits and the use of cans for many of our foods and beverages.

Maybe cost has been a factor, but cost can be reduced by the volume of usage. The disturbing news is that there are no perfect options on the market today, the safest methods still have their share of negative issues.

There have been some production of non-stick bake ware that can still leach hormone-disrupting chemicals and heavy metals into foods, there has been an upgrade in some of the later products.

People were excited by the developments with Teflon and similar non-stick cookware; they thought it was completely safe until the problems started to surface with Teflon being heated to very high temperatures.-

The advice today is to stay clear of any cookware containing aluminum.

The negative news about non-stick surfaces prompted some experiments with enameled cast iron, the sad news is they are still considered controversial.

New ceramic coated cookware appear to be safer than the original nonstick surfaces, but the verdict is still out, There is some speculation with Titanium dioxide particles are linked to precancerous legions in the colon, but there is no definite proof that Thermalon releases titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

For those of who are interested in learning more about ceramic-coated Non=Stick cookware or should research the following and view some reviews.

Green Earth

Scan Pan

Green Pan

Blue Diamond

Ozeri Stone Earth


These brands might be safer than the traditional non-stick, but none should still be cautious and keep up-todate with any developments.

Porcelain enamel coating on cast iron is rated highly but there is still some concern with lead and cadmium which may be more linked to cheaper brands; however for some reason Blue is considered one the safest colors; which is to my liking, because IF I am to have my way all my ceramic production would be blue, The cost of cobalt has been on the up and up, possibly because of its increasing commercial use. Creuset is a brand of high repute.

What are the current safest cooking Utensils.




Cast Iron

Stainless Steel

Cast Iron is considered one of the safest cooking Utensils as long as you do not cook tomato product in it as the acidity; or scrub with soap and a Brillo pad. Other advantages are it can be used on the stove top, in the oven or open fire as my grand mother used to cook on a traditional coal pot, or open wood fire.

In my humble opinion, the safest method will come down to changing our cooking habits to Cooking and baking in the oven, an additional advantage is easily to clean, heats evenly, holds in flavors and can be used on the stove top. The draw back is breakage and caution in cooling. Check out X-trema Cookware.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel seem to be a safe bet, however there are concerns with Nickel and Chromium leaching; which seem to increase with length of cook time and acidic foods, like tomato products, or cooking at high temperatures.


As a potter, I really like Stoneware, another reason I think cooking in the oven and grilling may become the norm, we usually think of baking when we talk about the oven, but you can cook, bake, roast, try not to use soap as the stone absorbs flavor, reserve that for your foods. Make sure any glazes on stone ware are lead-free.

Glass, Corning ware, Pyrex

If we are to avoid aluminum or heavy metal exposure in cooking Utensils we might see a revolution in the use of utensils and equipment to accommodate using Glass utensils only, the first thought that came to mind is, Can I fry my eggs in a glass pan?; I love scrambled eggs;There is a challenge for us both!. It might mean no more use, or limited of stove tops for cooking, just the grill and oven. Safe, great flavor, easy to clean; the only drawback might be breakages. But glass of Pyrex quality is not easy to break if handled carefully.

There are different grades of stainless steel 304 or18/8 is probably the best option; If you can afford it, buy only 400 series; please avoid 200 series stainless steel

Beware of stainless steel that is scratched for damaged. By rust options.

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