Health Update -Reversing Diabetes 2

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes without a drastic weight loss programme and extreme calorie restriction.

We have had several claims to finding a treatment for reversing diabetes, but this might be the most credible and hopeful study so far.

After researching the health benefits of plants and herbs for the past 6 years, I am convinced that the introduction of Health Education in All schools could lead to a drastic drop in Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health issues.

Emphasis must be placed on educating all students on the Health Benefits of Plants and Herbs.

It is important that students follow a diet according to the teachings, I am aware that we cannot force people to adhere to the teachings, but if a proper study is undertaken to follow the health of an adequate sample of people who believe and adopt a plant based diet and a sample of those who did not believe and did not adopt a plant based diet;. I am positive the results will convince more and more inhabitants of this globe that a plant based diet is a must for good health and longevity.

This earth possesses the natural solutions to a healthy life if we know and use the various plants and herbs that grow on this earth. I do believe there are still some plants that are yet to be discovered; some are already known to a few but not to the masses, for example, at age 75, I am now learning that pandanas has health benefits. Judging from the responses to some of my blogs, there are some adults who are learning about health benefits of some plants and herbs from my blogs for the first time.

A recent Google Alert posted that a new study suggested that it was possible to reverse type 2 diabetes without an intensive weight loss treatment; which has proven very challenging for patients. There are over 400.000 sufferers of type 2 diabetes across this globe that will welcome such news. We know that diabetes can lead to heart disease, kidney damage, blindness and other health issues.

The study was led by Cambridge University and funded by Welcome, the Medical Research Council and The National Institute for Health Research under the leadership of Dr. Haijira Dombha- Miller ,

Honorary Fellow with the Oxford Prevention in High Risk Groups Programme,

MRC Epidemiology Unit,

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

This new study suggests you can reverse Diabetes with a modest weight loss for at least five years, with less ease than you think; the numbers reveal that of the 867 patients involved in the study, 257 were in remission.

Check the alert out for yourself-


my research so far has identified Cinnamon as one of the most likely spices to play a part in the research, but I have no idea, just a guess. However check out my post.

When I am not researching Health benefits of Plants and Herbs, I am carving wood.


  1. As a type 2 diabetic I realize how important it is to control my diabetes.
    Following a plan-based diet and exercise regimen is crucial in helping to control my blood sugars and diabetes.
    I do believe that diabetes can be reversed and with plants and herbs being the main concern I do believe it can happen.
    I do use cinnamon and it definitely helps lower my blood sugars too.
    There are many other things that you can do as you mention but it’s a lifestyle change for sure!
    Do you feel that it’s wise to find a nutritionist too?

  2. Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for the information you have presented in this post. I haven’t heard of cinnamon as being part of a solution to reversing Type 2 Diabetes but of course all research is worth reading and adapting if suitable to your life/ health circumstances and after discussing with your Doctor. Spices add such taste and fragrance don’t they and I love cinnamon in my cakes and sweets, unfortunately!  But of course just a little is acceptable isn’t it, isn’t that what is called a balanced diet? Education of course is paramount regarding a healthy diet and yes start that education young, but  the home is the best place to learn the basis of a well balanced  diet, where’s that healthy eating pyramid ?! So education for the parent  is paramount as well.

    Your carvings look amazing and your lifestyle idyllic! 



  3. This is a pleasing information to read about right here now. Diabetes is a menace in this generation currently and unless we take the simple most effective approach to it, it might be fatal. Getting to know that there are simple ways such as just losing a light weight would help reverse diabetes is great information as no one would be forced into a rigorous routine that would sap their energy level. This is really great to know of. Thanks

  4. Learning of the ways to reverse diabetes has been my work for the past two weeks and I have been gathering information on the best approach to it. This is by far the simplest I have seen and seeing that it can reverse type2 diabetes makes it much more interesting to me. Cinnamon involvement too seems interesting but surely, I will read more wide on it. Thumbs up

  5. Is it true that aside from preventable, Diabetes Type 2 is also a curable disease?

    I’ve heard that from a friend who is suffering from Diabetes. Her illness is somewhat caused by an undisciplined diet and lifestyle. Now, she’s struggling to bring back her optimium health where she doesn’t have to worry about her blood sugar shooting up.

    I read your blog post about Cinnamon and I’m happy to see that it can also help improve the condition of Diabetes by improving sensitivity to insulin. This needs to be shared, on social media, especially to people like my friend who is suffering from Diabetes.

    Thanks for this helpful article. A lot of people need to read this.

  6. That is certainly promising information about the use of natural products for diabetes. This will be worth trying for those who are unable to lose weight to help control diabetes.

    I don’t suffer from diabetes but I know people who do and I think his will be worth a try for them. I will send them the link as i think they will find it interesting.

    It s encouraging to see more natural foods and plants being accepted into the arena for treatment of illness and disease.

  7. That is interesting and encouraging to hear that cinnamon can be use in the fight against diabetes 

    Although i don’t suffer from diabetes I do know some people who do, so I will send them this link as I think it will be useful and interesting to them. The use of natural plants and foods for healing illness and disease is becoming more accepted now which is good. 

  8. Thanks for visiting; why it has taken some people so long can be blamed on Education and peoples willingness to listen ., we need to fix that.

  9. Thanks , I hope you will share the website with your friend and others, we need to be educated about this dangerous disease, and be prepared to eat healthy and exercise daily. Best wishes.

  10. Thank you, Please delve more deeply into the Cambridge University Research. Looks very promising. Good Luck.

  11. Loosing weight is never easy; but this research offers a better and easy way; A lot of questions still needs to be asked. How would the treatment reach the various populations, Money is always a factor. Dig deeper. I plan to follow up on the research.  Good luck.

  12. A tea spoon of cinnamon in your  food, cakes etc is healthy. Teach the children and they shall lead. Glad you like my art. We grow up eating but have no idea of the health benefits or risks. Education is the key to global health. Enjoy those cinnamon cakes. Thanks for your contribution.

  13. A nutritionist will be helpful, you can do your reading also and possibly Google diabetes alerts could be very useful, be prepared for plenty alerts. Eat healthy and exercise daily. Follow up on the Cambridge University research. All the best.

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