Health Risks Of Aluminum

Do You Still Use Aluminum Utensils?

Aluminum was discovered during the nineteen century, starting with Dane Hans Christian Oersted-1777-1851 added by other scientists from France. Sainte-Claire Deville, Paul Heroult and young Charles All an American student which led to the aluminum company of America also known as Alcoa in 1907.

Other name include Karl Bayer, an Austrian chemist

The production process used today in based on Bayer, and Hall-Hercult processes.

Aluminum was first used in the boat building industry in Switzerland-1891 and Scotland in 1894 torpedo boats built for the Russian Empire’s navy. The same year JPMorgan produced special lightweight passenger railroad cars with aluminum seats. In 1989 Karl Benz presented the sports car with an aluminum body

Aluminum was also used in art in1893 statue of Anteros, an Ancient Greek god.

The major use of aluminum was shifted to the aircraft industry-hence the name winged-metal. Wilbur and Orville Wright were the pioneers I 1903.-flyer1

The use of aluminum was advanced; resulting in the first all metal plane- the junkers-J1 in 1915 by the famous German aircraft designer Hugo Junkers.when Duraluminum was invented in 1909 by a German scientist Alfred Wilm. The addition of Copper,

magnesium and manganese gave it extra strength

The war brought classification as Duralminum was an important part go military technology.

Robert Victor Nether pioneered the use of aluminum for houseware, frying pans, and saucepans in1910. Next came foil in 1911 for the chocolate industry by Tobler

19n 1920 aluminum became much cheaper by a group of scientists headed by the Norwegian Soderberg with a new method of production.

The Soderberg was soon adopted by manufacturers throughout the world including


The Russians soon expanded the use of aluminum to civil and military use with the introduction of hydroelectric power stations along its rivers.

Aluminum became widely used in the aviation, shipbuilding and then the automotive and construction industry; aluminum Was used in the construction of the Empire State building, built in 1931 and was the world’s tallest building until 1971

In the twenties century the focus shifted to the aerospace industry

In 1958 the partnership of Kaiser and Coors introduced the aluminum can followed by coco cola and 1957. Aluminum also expanded to trains for the railroads.

The use of aluminum has expanded beyond measure even with the growing economic power of China and the Middle East.

The global financial crisis in 1908 brought challenges to the industry faced with an issue of overproduction for the first time in its history.

Circumstances had changed for the better and looked bright. But what about the food industry.

Ongoing Debate about aluminum and Alzheimers Disease

There is a debate going on among the scientific community about the findings that if you cook with aluminum, you are playing with your is said to be a neurotoxic heavy metal that has been linked to alzheimers. In other words aluminum is bad for your Brain.

We cannot ignore the findings of research such as the 2012 study did by the International journal of Electrochemical Science.

The alert was raised as far back as the seventies when a Canadian researcher

Published a study stating that he had found high levels of aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

Should you avoid Aluminum cookware and cans?

Ways to avoid the injection of aluminum

1Avoid cooking foods like tomatoes and rhubarb in aluminum pans.

A better solution use cast iron pans

Sources of aluminum

Drinking water

The air you breathe

Dirt in garden and surroundings

Sods in cans

Baking soda

Sunscreens. Toothpastes and deodorants


Commercial cake mixes

Antacids aspirin and counter medicines

Foods high in Aluminum

Aluminum is found in the earth, plants grow in the earth, foods comes from plants.

Is this a case of too much information is bad for you. If you see the list of foods that contain Aluminum, you might not know what you eat; one of my favorite  fruits is among them -kiwi.

Only this morning a customer asked me how long does it take to make one heart; my response “I really do not know, and If I knew I might have to raise the price, or not make them at all.

Are you afraid of aluminun pots and pans or still cock with aluminun foil?


  1. Hello!  Great information on aluminum and its affect on the brain in Alzheimer’s patients.  I was especially impressed with the history of aluminium use.  It used to be inexpensive, but not anymore.  I use cast iron and stainless steel while cooking, but I do have a couple of aluminum pans.  I will think twice about using them, and aluminum foil.  Thanks again for the information!

  2. Wow! This is an awesome piece with very insightful and detailed analysis. I like the post because it presents accurate and factual information about aluminum and the possible health risks associated with its usage especially in food cooking. I never realised aluminum diminish brain functionalities. OMG! And I’ve been using it for quite a long time. 

    I need to work on myself and go for check ups. Thanks

  3. After reading this i am definitely scared of cooking anything now as all my utensils are made of aluminum. infact I always insist on buying only aluminum, it’s the best material for cookware. Am really taken aback by this, if I may ask you a question,  in ur opinion is there any material capable of replacing aluminum entirely as a cookware.

  4. This article is really an eye opener to the risk of cooking with aluminum pots. Seriously this vital information contained in this article must really be spread across the globe to alert people about the risk of almeizer disease resulting from aluminum consumption through cooking pots and food and drinks with aluminum can. I have learnt a great lesson in ensuring my brain is out of the risk of almeizer disease. I have bookmarked your this page for further updates and am sharing this article with all my friends. Thanks for this vital information.

  5. Thanks for this enlightenging article on aluminum. This history behind aluminum is very intesting but I had no idea it was in everything! 

    Has aluminum been linked to any other medical conditions besides Alzheimer’s? It is scary to know it is in some of the foods we eat. Some of the items I use quite often such as baking soda and aspirin.

  6. Hi, I have read your article very carefully. This is an important article. You highlighted the discovery of the aluminum and the history of the inventor and the aluminum, and you have described the hazardous aspects of the use of aluminum very clearly. Undoubtedly, the article is a public awareness article. Thank you very much for writing such an article.

  7. Thanks for your comments;sometimes it is hard to know the truth.

  8. Thanks for visiting. it is worth researching more on aluminum and human health; I was shocked on seeing kiwi on the list as I eat them almost every day.

  9. Thanks for your comments; however further research is needed as the debate is still ongoing.

  10. Thanks for visiting; personally I prefer cast iron; but it looks like most things have some risk however minor.The fact is people are living longer as we learn more about health education.The goal is to live longer healthier.

  11. Thank for your comments, don’t be alarmed as the verdict might still be out; It would have been better if the canadian researcher was able ti identify the source of the aluminum, as there are sources other than cookware.Read with caution and research further.

  12. Thank you for visiting; we have a family member from NY who has not used anything alunminum for years. More study is still necessary for confirmation; the problem is business and facts are in the mix; but some manufacturers has heeded the alert and took steps to reduce the health risks.

  13. A well illustrated and thought-provoking article. I have quite a lot of experience on this topic and have written about it in the past. I think there is more than ample evidence to point out the dangers of heavy metals and aluminum in particular. There is no doubt about its toxicity. It seems everybody is focussing on Mercury and aluminum is floating under the radar. Evidence suggests that aluminum accumulates in toxic levels in the bones. the heart and the brain. The brain and the nervous system are the areas where diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue and neurological and auto-immune problems manifest. This includes the full autistic spectrum including ADD and AHDD. The number of children diagnosed with autism has leapt over the years. In the 1970s one child in every 2000 was diagnosed as autistic. Today the CDC tells us the number has exploded to 1 in every 150. Something is wrong! They add aluminum to vaccines but everybody is focussing on mercury. It is the most common mineral on the planet and we need to safeguard ourselves from its effects. Stop using aluminum cookware is an easy place to start. Thank you so much for reminding us of this.  crucial fact. Dr. Alister

  14. Wow who knew? I do not enjoy the taste of aluminum so my beverages are in bottles and I cook using cast iron pans to avoid the funky taste. Some people thought I was crazy, they said it was only me and my taste buds were off. But in reality cast iron pans always give your food a better taste and much healthier.

  15. Thank you for the added warning; I have been doing some addItional research, and is scared of the findings, especially because of something I have been aware of for some time, relating to where I live. We need to pay attention to the dangers of aluminum toxicity. Best Wishes

  16. Aluminum can cause Alzheimers Disease?

    This is really an interesting piece of information.

    You mentioned that there is an ongoing debate
    on whether this finding is true or not.

    In my home, we have been using aluminum utensils
    for a long term-from the time I can remember.

    My grandparents have also used it. They haven’t
    suffered from Alzheimer’s or any other related diseases.

    Yes, there was some memory issues which may be 
    because of old age.

    I guess more research is required in this area.
    One obstacle which may stand in the way of this research
    is that studying the health risks of aluminum requires
    a long time period.

    Also, it is hard to pinpoint whether the health risk is due 
    to aluminum or the food we consume.

  17. This is the first time when I came to know that Aluminium is risky for human brain. If so, it should be informed to all people as soon as possible. Research papers should be viral in social media and newspapers. I am alert from now on. I want to share your article link in my social profile. Please permit me. 

  18. This is a very impressive article! You gave an extensive history of the uses of aluminum. Yes I do try to avoid it as much as possible as I have heard of the toxic qualities related to digesting it. So I do my best to avoid it. Although from time to time I use it for convenience purposes. It is always nice to have the reminder to stay diligent though. Thank you, and have a blessed day!

  19. Thank you for responding; It is not easy to avoid aluminum, as you will see in my follow up article; But there are things you can do; Best wishes

  20. Thank you, now that I have completed some follow up research, we do need to be aware; Have a great day.

  21. Thank you for a thoughtful response; There have been studies linking diseases, but the sources of the aluminum is not clear, and the metal is every where. One just have to take the best preventative measures.

  22. Thank you for visiting; I too prefer cast iron; I also grew up with cast iron pots and pans.

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