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Attention to Moderation.

Foods that are high in Ion

1. Red Meat

2. Turkey

3. Beans and Legumes

4. Foods high in Vitamin C

5. Pumpkin Seeds

6: Broccoli

7:. Spirulina:-sold in whole food markets and specialty stores.

8: .Quinoa

9: Dark Chocolate

11: Tofu

12:Shell Fish

13: Organ Meats (liver)

If you are very health conscious and even adopt a plant-based diet, you will be consuming most if not all of these products, perhaps except for red meat and turkey.

The latest update on strokes will upset your apple cart and provoke conspiracies theory.

High Iron levels May Aggravate Stroke

That was the headline in a article. Researchers are now reporting that high blood levels of iron are a risk factor for strokes. They have suggested that iron can make stroke damage worse.

The research was reported in Science to have been carried out by Neurologist ANTONI Davalos and colleagues at Hospital Universitari in Girona,Spain

The article also reported neurologist Dennis Choi from Washington University in St. Louis labeling the results as intriguing but goes on to say it is premature to treat stroke victims with compounds to remove iron from the blood stream.

I am a stroke victim and has adopted a plant based diet and do consume a fair quantity of the foods listed above.

The information that has really caught my attention is the fact too much iron in your blood stream can cause paralysis and speech damage for stroke victims.

Iron Deficiency May Raise Stroke Risk

This was a headline in an article featured on WebMD; it goes on to report low iron levels can raise your risk of stoke by making your blood stickier and more likely to clot.

What A Confusion for us Health Conscious Folks?

I have been preaching this story for years; there is no disputing the health benefits of Plants and Herbs, yet our medical schools continue to ignore Natural Medicine and continue to support the ever rising costs of medicine AND MEDICAL SCIENCE in the name of big Business.

It is about time that Governments demand the addition of Natural medicine in offering accreditation and or funding.

People are already living longer but poor because of medical costs and taxes. We can reduce both substantially If we can divert medical research to Natural medicine, and since much is already know, the scientists should focus on the unknowns, the biggest and most important DOSAGE.


There Is More TO Concern Stroke Victims and Others.
Have you ever heard of Hemochomatosis? Education website describes it -“An iron disorder in which the body simply loads too much iron”; which can lead to other health problems and could even be fatal.
Two Types Of Iron
Did you know there were two types of iron?
I am not a health expert, just a researcher; if your interest have been stirred,you are on a plant-based diet, or have been eating healthy for any reason including diabetes or stroke, get on the Internet and read as much as you can about hemochromatosis, and you would learn a lot about iron in your bloodstream; whether it is too little or too much; both has repercussions.Do the research.

The above two headlines on Iron is a clear indication on why these studies should be conducted. We know what is good for good health but we do not know how much is too much or how much is too little.

The only advice I will recommend as from a layman is -Everything In Moderation.

Help us to -Build A better World- stop worshiping the God of Money, it has become a curse on our society; perpetrated by but a handful of the earth’s inhabitants and embraced by most.

Are you doing you part in building a better word, demand the training of natural medicine from the powers that be.The current Scientists.researchers and Doctors practising natural medicine should make DOSAGE a priority.

Peace, Love and Good Health.

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CLUE: 2 + 8 + 5 + 4 + 6 = 25

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  1. Great advice, everything in moderation. I agree with eating. There are sometimes that I try to stay way from some foods, but ultimately for the healthiest people I know, it’s not about staying away from foods, it is about moderation. Don’t eat an entire cake, but a slice every now and then won’t hurt. Don’t eat a 24oz steak but an 8 oz steak periodically is fine. We can learn from those words. Thanks!

  2. The most interesting part of your article, from my point of view, was your statement on Natural Medicine and why the governments in the world opt to back these (already rich) medical science branches – I’ve been asking myself the same question now for years! 

    A really interesting read overall, and you’ve covered a few benefits from foods I was not aware of. Thanks for sharing

  3. Maybe we should just stop existing because it does not matter what we do someone must have an opinion that we are doing it wrong. Some doctors would say take this it is good for you. Others would say don’t take that it is not good for you. Who then are we to believe.

    Natural medicine is very important and should be given more considerations in our modern societies. I always considered iron to be very good for our body I never thought it would also be considered as a substance that can also cause harm to us. It’s really a strange world we living in.

    Natural medicine should really be taken seriously than it presently is. I think doing that would have a big influence on the well being of humanity.

  4. I have to agree that moderation is the key. Some things should be avoided and chemicals are at the top of my list. Our bodies can not fully process them. They may trick the body but can not give it what it needs to repair and maintain great health. Interesting information on iron. I am an omnivore with carnivore tendencies but I get any lacking nutrition by supplementing.

  5. Hello friend, 

    This is very interesting, to be having tow opinions, I mean which one should we believe? Indeed as you rightly said, most people in this world are so focused on money that they refuse to tell the real truth that will be of benefits to others as well.

    To be frank, I never knew that having too much of iron in the body can have some bad consequences at all. To add to that, I also didn’t know that when the iron level in your body is too low, that could also be of another problem to your health. In all I want to say thank you so much for your honesty in this regard. You have really opened my eyes to something I never thought about. 

    I think we should all watch what we eat  and do it in moderation whether we’re diabetic patience, have stroke or not. Our health should be our priority.

    Thanks for this generous article.


  6. I am assuming that meats are high in iron as opposed to Ion. I am near 60 years young and other than recovering from obesity and a neuro-muscular disorder that has effected my legs, I am in great health. Your article talks about dosage and moderation and that is what is helping me recover from morbid obesity. Interesting information on iron. I’ve only known of one person that had too much iron. I do believe that a well balanced diet is important and to abstain from chemicals when at all possible will help us all live healthy happy lives. Thank you for your research.

  7. Hi. You’re right! What contradictory information!  It seems as if you always have to question the motive of the source. Researchers have an agenda to prove an opinion, but is it really in our best interest? Natural medicine is the way to go but in my view it’s most beneficial on the preventative side. Once a condition has developed I think western medicine can have a place at the table. So once again moderation. Doesn’t have to be all or none. You and your health care professional working together and using all options available is the best bet.

  8. Thanks for visiting, Moderation is the key word; a few nights ago I listened to a radio program about herbal medicine and the stern warning was that what can cure you can also kill you if you are not sure how to use it.

  9. The pharmaceutical companies are the big winners with what is called medicine. Seems to this mechanical engineer, that balance among the various body compounds and chemistry is the actual road to healthy human beings. The trouble is that speaks of dynamic solutions born in research nearly impossible to do. The headline you reported: “High Levels of Iron … .” Is William Tell right on the trouble with medicine and medical press. OK Doc, what caused the high levels of iron to begin with? They don’t bother with that, instead go straight to eliminating the symptom, rather than the looking for the actual trouble and the cure because the sale of drugs is their actual goal. My humble opinion. CQ

  10. Moderation is definitely key! I personally tend to shy away from a lot of red meat except beef liver (for the iron) and eat more chicken and fish. I did not realize there were so many foods that are high in iron.

    As someone who believes in natural CBD products, I agree with you that people need to be more health conscious and should look more at natural and alternative medicines.

    With the high cost of the ‘good’ foods, many people buy things that are cheap and just not good for them. Thanks for the article. I will definitely check out Hemochomatosis as this is something I am not familiar with.

  11. Very good post!

    The key in my opinion is BALANCE. Everything in nature is in perfect balance but we, human beings, have a tendency to think that we are smarter and that is the reason why we live so unhealthy today. Return to nature and live in balance with nature, we need more info and greater consciousness about life with nature .

  12. Thanks so much for this information. I was not aware that there were 2 types of iron. I have been a vegetarian for years and more recently, I’m trying out veganism.
    I also have a friend with the hereditary condition, hemo chromatosis, and before he was diagnosed, I had no idea there was such a thing. Yes, I agree, “everything in moderation, including moderation.”

  13. I’ve never heard of hemochromatosis. My mom is a diabetic type 2 and she’s always slightly on the anemic side so she takes iron supplement 200mg on a daily basis. She’s not vegetarian though and does consume a small amount of meat. I always thought that excess iron is better than less. Guess that’s not true. Will check on her blood report again when we visit the doctor next month. Thanks for sharing this. 

  14. Hi Courtney – thanks for your article – My Father suffered a stroke which was a side affect of blood thinning medicines after a major heart attack.  A year prior to his heart attack he was diagnosed as diabetic – partly due to an extremely high iron count in his blood.    He was put on a clean diet where everything was in moderation.  He lost 20Kg and looked healthy.  The touble is, the damage was done – however the irony is that if he had not been diagnosed with the diabetes and gone on the diet he would have died from the attack.

    My point here is that there are fad diets everywhere but I agree with your comments in regards to eating in moderation.  Dad’s stroke wasn;t caused dierectly by poor diet but was definitely a side affect.  He had to give up all foods that raised blood pressure  such as alcohol and also, as per your notings, reduced intake of red meats.  We now work in the fitness indistry and will never promote any eating program in our businesses that do not sompirse of healthy food and everything in moderation.

  15. Sorry to hear about your Dad. we sometimes wonder why people who are fitness and health conscious sometimes get terrible sick.moderation and health education should be our guide, Thank you.

    Best wishes.

  16. Thanks for visiting;I have been advocating health education in all schools and Natural Medicine in all Medical schools.The information has been there for thousands of years,

    Enjoy your day. 

  17. Thanks for visiting and for your input, I am in the process of adding another research article on Iron; be on the look out.

    Best Wishes.

  18. You are so right, why wait until the horses are out of the gate, compulsory health education in all schools will go a long way in righting many of our expensive health issues.Thank you; stay healthy.”Prevention is better than Cure”

  19. You are on the right track, best of luck.Thanks for your input, wishing you the best of health.

  20. Thanks Stephen for your input;I should not be learning about good health at age 74, teach your children well.

    Best wishes. 

  21. Thanks for visiting, you are right, natural medicine must be taught and reduce many of our health. Perhaps that alien space ship would teach us something,Lol.

    Be positive and enjoy life.Best wishes.

  22. Thank you for sharing, if the masses would lobby the Governments will listen.-Natural medicine in all medical schools or no accreditation.

    Join the fight.

    Best of good health.

  23. Thanks for the visit, I am on a plant-based diet and do miss a good lamb chop, but will not yield to temptation.The quality of imported chicken in some developing countries is so poor, parents should take heed.

    Best wishes. 

  24. Thanks for the visit, The best of health to your Mom. Keep reading.

  25. Thanks for your input. Can you ask your friend to offer some comments on his experience on the website? I have never met anyone with that condition.
    Best wishes.

  26. You hit the nail on the head. Deal with facts and researCh on the causes rather go experimenting with a drug to reduce iron levels. Yes BALANCE and CONSUMPTION GUIDELINES.
    Best wishes.

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