Health Education In All Schools- 1

I have been promoting health education in all schools for some time now; recently my thoughts tabored on -What Health Education should we teach in all schools?

As a former teacher, I am going to assume I am still a student in Teachers College, and this is an assignment I was given by my education Tutor; since my Tutor is imaginary, I would like to solicit your assistance in grading the various stages of my proposal for the syllabus. A grade from 1 to 10 will be satisfactory.

You must believe this is part of your child or children s education, and naturally I hope you would wish the best for them. So you will be a helper in formulating this syllabus; especially if your are a qualified health care worker, which I am not.

1. Personal Hygiene, this should be the task of the parent, but some parents might need help, or some children might not have a functioning father or mother in the home. Since I am not a care giver, a qualified person should write the details for the teaching of personal Hygiene.

2. The overriding factor about good health is the importance of daily exercise, apart from a routine number of exercises, walks can be beneficial, if the sea is accessible from the school, properly supervised visits to the beach or public swimming facilities, should be part of the curriculum.

I was not aware of my ability as a sprinter until a hundred yard dash at Teachers College at age 20; a race in which  I won against the number one sprinter of the college at the time.

Students should be tested as to their natural talents for a particular sport. It is a possibility that I could have been an International sprinter like my Cousin, an English gold medal Olympic sprinter, now retired.

I once held the 60-meter dash indoor record at Cosford, England, a wooden track that was wonderful to sprint on. the cold English weather and a hamstring injury put an end to that .

Foods & Drinks

Barring accidents, natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and other relating tragedies; I am convinced we can raise a much healthier society than what we have today, we can reduce the consumption of drugs, lower the costs of global health care, improve disposable incomes, reduce the incidence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other ailments; providing we can also affect human behavior to act in their own health interest, and believe in the facts of the health benefits of plants and herbs.

A Healthy Menu

Health Education should focus on facts about all the foods and drinks that pass our precious lips. Forgive me for being bias, but my list would not include Meat and chicken, strictly a plant based diet and some fish; There may be some meats and chicken that are tolerable, but my prejudice will not allow me to include them in this list, but you can include them in your comments.

Geographic location

There might be some health foods that are common, accessible, familiar or limited, depending on your geographic location, feel free to list any that may not be known to me. or accidentally omitted. I will try to be as international as possible.

Family History

It is important to know one’s family history of hereditary weaknesses in health; this should be provided by the parents or guardians via an appropriate questionnaire. Some families do not learn of such weaknesses, until a member of the family falls victim to a particular disease or ailment.

Let me start with the shortest list first.


We do need some protein, fish is high in protein for its omega 3 fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, some protein can be provided from plant based diets, but we are so much in the habit of having some “FLESH’ with our meals, let that flesh be fish. One has to be weary of mercury in some popular fish.

Healthy Fish to Eat


Wild caught Salmon

Farmed Oysters

Wild caught Sardines

Rainbow Trout





Soon Come with more on a Health Menu.

When I am not preparing these blogs, I am carving wood.


  1. Hello Courtney health iss one thing that can’t be taken with light hands and so it is important to teach our kids health education so they can look out for themselves in aspect of knowing what to avoidto keep them healthy and what to do as well. It’s is important that from a very tender age, this things should be made known to our kids. Even as an adult, I got to learn about the best of fishes from reading this post. Best regards.

  2. Health education should be taken as a very serious part of a child’s education in school as well as at home by the parents. Truly learning starts form home, but outside the sights of parents, what the kids do can’t be boasted about, so the school needs to play a part in helping these kids understand the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle and avoiding germs. Cheers.

  3. I am sure that many health issues could be avoided if the right foundation was laid and practiced from  a tender age. It up to parents and students to lobby  authorities to provide the health education  in all schools. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Unfortunately many parents are not at home when they should be, they are working 2  and 3 jobs to make ends meet, and that little hand held device should be put to better use. Join me in the promotion of health education in all schools. Thank you.

  5. Your enthusiasm to promote Health Education is much appreciated. 

    I do agree most part of the content is especially about the education of personal hygiene on our children.  As the parents of the children, we have to equip ourselves with proper knowledge to convey the healthy messages to our children. One point I would like to highlight is your bias on some kinds of meat.  Nowadays, there are still some parts of people living in areas where they cannot get fish as their food easily. They have to get accustom of their environment so as to be alive.  A little more tolerant is better. 

    This is solely my little opinion.


  6. As a mothet of 2,  I definitely believe that having education inside and outside of the house for dietary needs is important. Sometimes it takes that 3rd party to really drive in a concept to a child. With two kids under 5 I know that they also have their school behaviors and home personalities. It is important for healthy diets to be represented in both areas to ensure a strong nutritional knowledge for the children throughout their days. 

  7. Health education promotes learning in other subjects too. There was a study which showed that reading and math scores of third and fourth-grade students who received comprehensive health education were much higher than those who did not. In general, healthy students learn better. Numerous studies have shown that healthier students tend to do better in school. They have higher attendance, have better grades, and perform better on exams.

  8. Health should be taught by both parents and schools as living healthy is a basic life skill.  Our bodies are temples and especially so with children so they should have the best and most healthy foods available.  I noticed you listed several kinds of fish on there but I did not see tuna.  We eat allot of Ahi tuna that is served sushi style most the time  I have found it to be excellent brain food.  Really enjoyed reading this and thank you for bringing awareness to such an important issue. 

  9. Hi Pamela, Albacore is a tuna. I just saw an article about an international conference on diabetes, and from reding between the lines, health education  in schools could reduce the figures on diabetes by 50% and over, very encouraging.Think of the money and lives that could be saved.Thanks for your contribution.

  10. For sure some of the health  foods are foods that boost brain health, plus learning about health foods introduces understanding of numbers. One more reason to introduce health education in schools. I will remember your words, Thanks for joining the discussion.

  11. A health conscious parent is a great asset to a child, I know a young couple with 3 kids and they all eat healthy, thanks to the discipline of the parents. Home and school is fantastic. Thanks for visiting

  12. But I am tolerant, as you have just done, I left the door open for meat eaters to make their contribution. I understand and a control meat diet is open.I understand and accept your opinion. All the best.

  13. Teaching Health Education to our kids is very important! Thank you for your passion in this regard.

    I agree that Health education should be broad and cover all areas. In my kids school physical activity is included in their day ever day which is fabulous.

    As they get older, they are taught about hygiene and sex education, however, I agree that healthy eating should be covered for every child as well. My oldest is currently learning about food in her “foods” class, but this class is an elective, so not all kids will receive this information. I think every child should be learning about healthy eating. However, teaching healthy eating should cover EVERYTHING and nothing should be excluded due to teacher bias.

    Give our children all the information and then they can decide how to use that information when they are adults and able to make better informed choices.

    Parents and schools need to work together to make sure their kids are getting proper information on health and wellness. However, not all parents know how to eat in a healthy way or move their bodies in a healthy way, as they were never taught this. So that is where the school can come in to play to help.

    Thank you for writing an article that has produced a lot of feedback! Thank you for your passion!

  14. I agree, every thing that passes your lips, my prejudice is in my selective menu. All children should be taught.T hans for your comments.

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