Health Benefits of Thyme

My mother taught me how to cook from a very early age, when I was in primary school, she taught me until she immigrated to England, and my grand mother took over, Mama, as we called her, was an excellent cook

There were always at least four cooking ingredients in the kitchen at all times, salt, blackpepper, onions and thyme; the onions were what was commonly known as green seasoning or scallions.

The chopped ingredients were stored in jars to season meats and fish; a little oil, vinegar and lime juice was added; the thyme was mostly broad leaf from the garden as was the scallions.

As far as we were concerned the mixture was strictly for cooking, there was never any mention of health benefits.

Many many moons later I Am learning that thyme has health benefits. If there was health education in schools I would have known that thyme was around for thousands of years for its medicinal qualities before it was known as a seasoning in cooking.

Thyme originated in Western Asia and Southern Europe it native to the European shores of the Mediterranean.

It was used to protect against food poisoning. The Romans who introduced it to England used it to purify temples and homes and embalming dead bodies. It was commonly used as a remedy for dry coughs, a mouthwash for ulcers and throat and mouth infections

If my grand mother knew any of this Information, she never disclosed it, on the other hand she never disclosed the ingredients of her bush medicines.

The Greeks and Romans burned thyme as incense to clear the air of diseases and to restore strength and clarity to the mind; like they did in purifying the temples and homes. Thyme leaves, flowers and essential oil has been used for ornamental, dietary and medicinal purposes. The leaves.

I am forever baffled by modern scientists who are now researching what the ancients knew thousands of years ago. Oh how I would love to see a modern medical school researching all the ancient discoveries, conduct in depth studies and make Plants and herbs the main basis for their medical training; Can anyone tell us if such a plan exists anywhere in the world.

We have not learnt from our past, The following two quotes should be enough to warrant a new approach to the teaching of modern medicine. One school strictly for traditional medicine and one strictly for natural medicine, not just halfhearted courses as is done in some schools today.

Hippocrates Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Albert Einstein Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

A medical school restricted to the teaching and researching the health benefits of plants and herbs

The teaching of health education in all schools.

When this happens we will see lower taxes, lower healthcare costs, and longevity.

Are we going to allow greed and the disease of money stand in the way?

Health Benefits

Helps in the healing of acute bronchitis

treat arthritis

powerful cough suppressant

treats whooping cough, and upper respiratory inflammation

Effective remedy for sore throats

Antibacterial, anti fungal and insecticidal properties

helps destroy infectious bacteria

might protect people from colon cancer

can cause cell death in Brest cancer cells

Guard wounds against infections and speeds up healing

powerful antimicrobial

helps to relax veins and arteries, which can lower blood pressure and eases stress on the heart

combats flatulence

can relieve intestinal cramping, and reduce bloating from malabsorption

act as a natural diuretic

can have a positive effect on ones mood.

It is hard to believe what was attributed to this herd during ac

ancient times even associated with protection from  the plague and black death in1340; Scientists from all over the world are now giving credibility to the ancient knowledge by their current research. Thyme is available, fresh, dried and essential oil.

Thyme essential oil is used with various ingredients to help cure some health conditions


Exercise caution or avoid during pregnancy, high blood pressure or conditions of epilepsy; it is wise to consult a Doctor trained in natural medicine; I sometimes smile when I see notices that say consult your doctor when researching herbal remedies, Most medical schools do not have relevant training courses; let’s hope they see the light soon.

Information contained in this article is from searching the Internet.> I am a researcher not a professional health care giver.

For more information on thyme look up medical news today,i or indigo herbs

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