Health Benefits of Pandanus

Common Names are Pandanas, Screw Palm, Screw pine.

Red fruit-Buah merah

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Contrary to a statement uttered by my Religious Education Tutor in his first lecture-” The garden of Eden is a myth” he followed it up by saying ” if you can’t handle these topics, leave now” There were about 5 topics. I stayed for 2 years instead of the planned 3. I worship the creator of this earth.

I recently discovered, quite by accident, a plant I was familiar with all my life as a wind breaker, and whose leaves and roots were used to create handicraft items like mats and baskets. In my experience it was never associated with health benefits, No part of the plant was known to be safe for human consumption.

There is a young plant right outside my gate.

The Red Fruit seen in the image is known to be rich in health benefits, I was aware of this plant from childhood, and I am now learning of its health benefits at age 75; What a statement on our system of education.

Health Education In All Schools please- emphasis on Plants and herbs.

Research reported that the leaves are used in some Asian countries for making Tea. I wonder how many people in Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean were aware of this fact.

On reading this information for the first time. I immediately searched the internet for images of the plant to make sure it was the same plant I knew, and sure enough it was.

We actually have a few plants in Anguilla, there is a young plant right outside my gate. There are some 750 accepted species of pandanas grown in different parts of the world, mainly in south East Asia, India and the Caribbean,

Known Uses

Food and medicines (Bears a fruit second only to the coconut in South East Asia._

Flavoring beverages ( Flowers)

Economic-clothing, handicrafts, housing, In Barbados they are gown as windbreakers, especially if a home is build on a hill facing the wind. The plant is capable of withstanding strong winds.

Health Benefits of pandanus -Red Fruit ( Buah Merah)

1. Help cure Aids- (rich in tocopheral and beta carotene when consolidated can kill the infection that causes HIV and AIDS)

2. Prevent the risk of cancer- ( high in antioxidants.)

3. Prevent risk of Diabetes- (support the work of pancreas in delivering insulin at a steady level)

4. Helps in preventing stroke-( helps in boosting the stream of blood in the body, ensuring that oxygen in the blood is consistent)

5. Prevent the risk of diabetes (helps in diminishing the high measures of sugar in the blood and supports the pancreas in delivering insulin at a steady level.)

6. (Help cure Hepatitis-rich in cancer prevention agents which help in the development on cells in the liver and re-establish it. helps in upgrading the liver capacity and taking out the infection that caused hepatitis.)

7. (Lowers Uric acid in your system-high amount of tocopherols, helpful in giving normal measures of uric acid in the body,

improves brain function-rich in omega 3 fatty acids.)

8. Prevents brain disorder.

9. Improves skin care- (antioxidant and antibacterial properties).

10. (Lowers cholesterol level-contains an antioxidant known to reduce bad cholesterol)

11. Prevents eye disorder- ( rich in beta carotene )

12. Helps to prevent lupus – ( scientific studies suggested that consumption of red fruit is very helpful in preventing lupus)

13. Helps to prevent Osteoporosis- ( rich in calcium, copper, manganese and phosphorous )

14. Increase Passion and Fertility- ( contains high energy -360 calories and Vitamin E increases sperm manufacturing.)

Apparently the first study on the benefits of red fruit was done around 2000- by Dr.Mde Budi MSC Biologist and Lecturer from Cendrawasih University- only on the market since 2005

The University was established in 1962.

This content was mostly acquired as a result of Internet research supported by scientific studies

For further reading please do some researching for yourself, start with the following suggested links. cytotoxicity benefuts of red fruit. conoideus-International Food Researcr Journal

When I am not researching plants and herbs, I am carving wood.

I beg you to lobby the powers that be, to introduce Health Education in All Schools.


  1. This is an interesting article. This plant, Pandanus, can actually cure AIDS and Hepatitis? Those are strong statements and would love to read more studies. I had a stroke 3 weeks after my son was born and had to stay in hospital for over a month, mostly in a coma so I know how a health scare is. Thank you for sharing such an interesting article and I look forward to many more. 


  2. Hi! I thank you very much for writing about Pandanus. I have been researching how to prevent the risks of diabetes and prevent strokes and … Voila… Your post appeared. I’m thankful you have detailed all the benefits Pandanus has, not only concerning these two I’m looking for but also in this wide variety of points you mentioned. It even helps us with skin care. I’ll have to give I a try.

  3. I had always linked Pandanus to treatments to help people with diabetes. But I’m learning through your post that it’s helpful for even Brain functioning due to it’s Omega 3 concentration. That’s very interesting. When you say it prevents brain disorder, is it due to the fact it contains Omega 3 or are there other elements present in Pandanus that give it this capability?

  4. Henry how long have you known about the health benefits? you are correct about Omega 3 fatty acids. The red fruit seem to be a super food. I have been selling handicrafts from pandanas since 1970, and never knew of its health benefits. may I ask what is your Country?

  5. Why are we spending so much money on health care when the good Lord provided us with natural means to protect our health.? Thanks for visiting. I use Aloe for skin care, my garden is full of it.

  6. Sorry to hear about your stroke, feel free to visit for more content on the subject. Hope all is well now Melissa.Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have been on diet for some months. I want to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good one. I’m constantly researching about things I can include into my diet to help me with this goal. I didn’t know that one of the benefits of Pandanus is presicely this. I’m thankful I found your post.

  8. excellent article you have written here and the only thing i can do i to thank you for sharing this with us all. i would have never thought that pandanus could be this much beneficial to our health and considering the various diseases that it can fight in our body system. wow! i was shocked when i see that it can actually kill aids. that is awesome and i really wish that this information get out to the world pretty quick. 

  9. I’m really shocked that this information is yet to reach the world that this plant can really give so much health benefits such as the various ones i have read here in this post. i could not be shocked less when i discovered that this can kill AIDS and all sort of killer diseases that are menacing humanity right now. this can actually be the game changer we have been looking for all along. wow! i will surely share it out to people on all my social media platforms.

  10. Unfortunately there might not be much money to be made, so the capitalist society will choose to keep it quiet, or spend any time or money to further substantiate the findings. I am not shocked, the most dangerous disease in the world is destroying us,- Money which equals corruption. Thanks for your comments.

  11. Why there has not been more convincing research or news I am not sure except all the money seeking research might go up in smoke. We need a top notch group of non profit critical thinking researchers pursuing these leads. I am sure there will be enough small donors world wide to fund the researches. Thanks for visiting.

  12. Happy you found it, please view for more information, if you care to you can send me your email for future articles. Good luck Ann

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