Health Benefits Of Onions

Ever since the adoption of a plant based diet, I am in the habit of including one small onion or half of a large onion whenever I am steaming onions. Onions are used in all my sauces, soups, stews and prepared seasonings for fish and meats for the wife; and chopped raw with sardines and salads

During my last thanksgiving dinner my daughter made fun of me for eating a whole steam onion. I have been trying desperately to convince her to adopt a plant- based diet with slow progress.

Onion can reduce swelling, lung tightness in people with Asthma and reduce levels of cholesterol and sugar in the Blood

Onions are mostly used to season foods, and are one of the main ingredients in most Caribbean prepared green seasonings. We take food for granted, we grow up eating the foods according to our culture, but people are being encouraged to be aware of the health benefits of the foods we eat.

It is shameful that at the age of 74, I am now learning of the health benefits of onions; but I am grateful that I love onions and have been consuming them in various forms all my life.

Side Effects

Onions can cause skin irritation or eczema after skin contact.

Tears can follow eye exposure to the aroma of onion.

You can suffer stomach distress or pain after eating onion

There is suspicion about the safety on eating onions if you are pregnant of breast-feeding, but no scientific proof.

There is concern that onion might increase the risk of bleeding when taken as a medicine.

Beware of using onion in medicinal amounts if you are diabetic. Onion can lower blood sugar.

Don’t eat large portions of onions if you experience symptoms of indigestion

World Production

According to food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (medical news today), it is estimated that 105 billion pounds of onions are harvested each year, worldwide, with China being the world’s biggest producer.


Onions have been consumed, the world over for thousands of years; the ancient Egyptians worshiped and used them in burial rituals.

The British farmer Peter Glazebrook grew the worlds’ largest onion, it weighed 18 pounds.

Onions were once used in Europe as currency during the middle ages.

In Siberia onions were used as a currency as late as the mid-18th century.


Onions has a reputation as a potent aphrodisiac- Ancient Greece and India; celibate priests in Egypt celibate priests were forbidden teat onions because of the potential effects on their libido.

The French once had a custom for newly-weds to be served onion soup o their wedding night.


In cold conditions rub freezing toes with an onion

Food historians, botanists and archaeologists believe onions originated in central Asia. It is also suggested that onions were first grown in Iran and West Pakistan. It is believed that onions have been cultivated for over 5000 years; it is possible that onions was one of the earliest cultivated crops,

The fact that onions can be grown in a variety of soils and climates, are easy to grow and are less perishable than most crops.

Historic documents show that onions were important as a food, for its use in art medicine and mummification.

Research has suggested that consuming onions and other plant foods reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, promote healthy hair, complexion, increased energy and loss weight while contributing to longevity.

Health Benefits

Fights Cancer- _(Esophageal and stomach, colon, and prostate)

Helps regulate mood, sleep and appetite

Enhance Eye Health

Helps Skin and hair health

Improve Heart Health

Enhance Brain Health

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Promote Healthy Digestion

Prevent Inflammation and other Allergies

Improve Immune System

Cure Ear Disorders

Good for Oral Health ( better eaten raw)

Prevent Blood Clots

Boost Energy

Aid InTreating Cholera

Improve Sexual Health

Help Cure Fever

Ease Menopause symptoms

Fight effects of Aging

Eliminate Head Lice

Treat Acne

Remove Dark Spots and Treat Skin Pigmentation ( Juice )

Help Get Rid Of Moles (juice)

Treat Stings and Bites (onion slice)


Onions are low in calories but rich in vitamins, mineral and antioxidants.

How to Avoid onion tears

Cut onions in a small pool of water, near running water or a cloud of steam

Where Are Onions Grown?

US farmers cultivate some 125,000 acres of onions and produce some 6.98 billion pounds a year; about 4% of the world’s annual supply at a consumer purchase price of $5-7 billion.

Onions are grown all across America


Approximately 190 countries grow onions for their domestic us, it is estimated that over 9.2 million acres of onions are harvested around the word annually.

The leading onion producing countries are China, India, USA, Turkey, and Pakistan

The Caribbean

The Caribbean imports over 8.000 tons f onions annually at a cost of just over 4 million US dollars or 11 million EC.

Onions are produced in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts, Nevis and St, Vincent.

Surely you have learned enough to see the wisdom in adopting a plant-based diet.

For more in-depth information on Onions search the Internet for health Benefits of Onions, see Medical News Today and Style Craze

How do you enjoy your onions the most?


Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods.

Your brain health is just as important as your physical health.

This is a cognitive impairment test for stroke victims and an excellent brain exercise for all including schools.for stroke victims.

It is my intention to post 100 exercses on this website; some of the exercises are with numbers ; the others are word games-Sentence.

I was of the opinoin that people who do croosword puzzles regularly would find Sentence east; to the contrary;, judging for the feedback I have been receiving.

To reduce the degree of difficulty I suggest you devise a strategy.


List all the different letters posted,starting from left to right; Take one letter at a time and list all the words that you can begining with that letter.

IIdentififying the sentence.

This part of the exercise will take some time; be aware of the structure of a sentence.when you are playing with a word, isolate the letters in that word, and move on until ou have completed the sentence; 

Assuming it is a thre-word sentence ,when you have identified two of the words the third word becomes obvious once you know the spelling.

There are two parts to the exercise.

1. Form as many words as you can from the letters posted; this will challenge your vocabulary as well as giving your brain an excellent workout..

2. Identify the sentence.

The 14 letters posted form a three-word sentence. 

You must use all the letters in forming the sentence


Word Game.

I  E  R  E  T  M  S  L  N  C S E  I  O


“( C )” 2017 Courtney Devonish

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