Health Benefits Of Mandarin Oranges

I must admit I love oranges and tangerines more so. There is a tangerine tree in my yard, and as a kid we grew tangerines, and grapefruit, but never oranges, cannot really explain why.

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits where ever you go, orange juice is one of the popular juices on the shelves of super markets or any grocery is as a regular drink at breakfast’ they are full of nutrients and low in calories

The origin of oranges dates back to 2500 BC when oranges were grown in the North eastern part of India, southeast Asia and the Southof China.e in the first century AD

It is reported that Christopher Columbus planted orange orchards in Haiti with seeds he bought in 1493.

Panama, Mexico got their first taste somewhere around 1518 followed by Brazil.

America got its first trees in 1513 via the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon

The Romans took orange trees to Rome

Health Benefits of Eating Oranges

Oranges are high in vitamin C and B6

Keeps blood pressure under check due to the presence of magnesium

Important for a healthy immune system; as a kid we were always given orange juice to help fight colds.

Prevents skin damage

Lowers cholesterol

lowers risk of cancer-D-Limonene; a compound reported preventing cancers -lung, skin and breast

Lowers blood sugar level due to fiber content; but eat in moderation to stem being overweight.

Play a role in the process of digestion-lots of alkaline materials. Similar to a family member-lemons which are among the most alkaline foods.

Aids Eye health-rich source of carotenoid-vitamin A ; helps prevent age-related mascular degeneration, which can lead to blindness in extreme cases

soluble and insoluble fiber in oranges helps in the smooth function of stomach and intestine. Also, helps treat constipation.


Juice oranges when they are at room temperature

Extract more juice by rolling the orange under the palm of your hand on a flat surface

Eat your oranges quickly once they are cut, exposure to air destroys vitamin C


Eat oranges in moderation- too many oranges can cause stomach cramps and diarrhoea

Citrus fruits

Grapefruit is one of the citrus fruits but may be a hybrid it is suggested it is a cross between a pommel and a Jamaican sweet orange.

Guess what, the Island of my birth is part of its history. The discovery of the grapefruit dates back to 1750, when the grapefruit was first discovered in Barbados. the name may be because of it growing in clusters like grapes. the fruit was introduced to America in 1823

the grape fruit can be white, pink or red; they are fat and cholesterol free, low in calories and high in fiber

Pomelo or Shaddock-native to South Asia and Malaysia. the shaddock was named after Englishman Captain Shaddock, who introduced the seed to the West Indies in the seventeenth century, thus enabling the history of the grapefruit.

Lemon native to North Eastern India and South Asia; lemons are widely used in the preparation of foods, especially fish and in baking. my wife makes the best lemon bars. Lemon IS also popular for making tea or adding to regular tea, beers, or cocktails.

Sweet Orange

Mandarin-also used in salads

Clementine; A cross between the willow leaf mandarin and the sweet orange, must be a species of tangerine.

I have never used this name and it is not familiar, am i getting confused with my easy peeler and sweetness

Tangerine I love the texture sweetness and the easy peeling.

Tangerines were first grown in Palatka Florida in the 1800s they imported through the city of Tangier in Morocco, hence the name Tangerines.

Top Producers of oranges

Florida is known for its orange juice and grapefruit; grapefruits are mainly grown in California Arizona and Texas.

The Biggest producer of citrus is Brazil

Citrus fruits are grown all over the world including the Caribbean; according to UNCTAD there are 140 citrus producing countries, 70% of the world’s production grown in the USA, The Northern Hemisphere and the Mediterranean.

A reminder that I am just a researcher and not a health care giver; for more information on oranges and citrus fruits Google the following URLs

medical news today


I am also a fulltime Artist/Craftsman


  1. Orange is not missing from my family’s daily menu. It is a fruit we prefer both in winter and summer. It has antioxidant activity, strengthens the immune system with its vitamins, such as C. Everywhere and especially in winter it helps us with colds. It helps the intestine, the brain even the fetus in the abdomen. Its nutritional value is great and we prefer it in juice. It’s my daughter’s favorite drink. Thank you for reminding us once again of the benefits of our favorite fruit.

  2. I can see you are well versed, I spoke to a medical student yesterday who agreed with me that the world would be a healthier place if all, all schools taught health education, with emphasis on Plant based diets, and all medical schools should cover natural medicine; too often I see notices that say- consult  your doctor- and most times it is about a plant based remedy he or she knows nothing about. Thanks for your input.Best wishes.

  3. Since young I have tended to eat grapefruit if I feel sick in my stomach, it has always helped. Also oil from grape seed cernel is well known for killing germs, Candida and such.But it should be used with care!

  4. That’s interesting and very important about eating the oranges quickly after you open them. I did not know that exposure to air would destroy the vitamin C.
    Thanks for explaining about all these different types of oranges. I never knew that there were so many different types. I will have to make it a goal in life to try each kind. I definitely agree that all these types of oranges have lots of health benefits. Thanks! It’s always good to read about eating healthy.

  5. Right from time, I have learned to incorporate oranges to every of my meal plans irrespective of whatever it is or what it aims at. The benefits are immense especially in the cold. I like the effects it makes on our body while being a sweetening and awesome fruit. Though I dont get it often, bit I take tangerines too and they are great too. It is good to read more on it from a better perspective

  6. Thank you Roland for your comments, oranges were a part of most peoples’ diet, long before they knew or learn the health benefits. continue eating healthy. Best wishes

  7. Thanks for the visit; you would enjoy sampling the different citrus fruits; I do. With imports they can be available all year round, if not there is always the bottled or canned juice. Stay healthy. Best wishes.

  8. How are you and my athletic little friend?; train him, the potential is there. I must look into grape seeds, I almost thought you meant our sea grapes. I was asked to stay away from grapefruit, because of a certain medication. Keep in touch. Stay well.

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for this informative post of the benefits of mandarin oranges, and I like to share with my parents since they are likely to have diabetes in the future. It’s better we prepare for something instead of sitting and doing nothing. That’s the reason I find your post does help.

    I know mandarin oranges are full of vitamin C but didn’t realize it could also help with other symptoms you mentioned in the post. For lemon, our family uses it a lot for every dishes on the table, and I am glad at least we did one thing right for our diet. 

    Anyway, cannot wait to see more posts from you and it’s very educating!

  10. Thank you, it is better to be proactive; if there was health education in all schools, we would all most likely be more healthy; There are plenty more articles on– please take a look and send me some feedback.

  11. Thank you for posting this informative article, I really do need to start eating more fruit, I really do like oranges and tangerines, but I must admit that before I read this post I never realsed that tangerines were so beneficial for health, the anti-oxidant properties, the strengthening of the immune system, the vitamins, my diet isn’t exactly varied so I may be lacking in some of these nutrients, so thank you again for sharing this post, I am glad I stumbled across it because I am now going to be eating more tangerines and I do love them anyway so it’s something that’s going to be very easy to do, take care and keep up the good work of informing people.    

  12. Thanks Russ, that is why I am encouraging parents to lobby for health education in schools with emphasis on plant based diets. We need to know the benefits and dangers of what we eat from childhood. Keep healthy.

  13. Wow.  This is a very interesting article.  I have known about the benefits of oranges with vitamin C.  I had no idea about the other health benefits.  Your article was easy to read, informative and well organized.  Although I enjoy oranges and other citrus fruits, I have never thought of them as part of a regular health routine.  I plan to heed this article and eat more of this fruit which is much more beneficial than many people know.  Thanks for the article.

  14. Yes if we had learnt about plant base diets from early many of us would have avoided the health bills in our latter years. please join me in lobbying the powers that be to introduce health education in all schools. Thank yo. Best wishes.

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