Health Benefits of Fat Pork/ Coco Plum/Paradise Plum

During my childhood in Barbados, fat pork and cashew grew on our land, and were enjoyed by most children in the village. There are a few trees in Anguilla, but it is rare that you will find one, I was told the trees in Barbados are on the decline, lack of health education is one reason no one is appreciative, or knowledgeable enough to cultivate the plants on a commercial scale.

In Barbados, they were found in the low sandy, hilly and coastal areas, our land was in the small chalky Mount mountain and along the Bathsheba coast. I have always known them to be grown in the wild; I cannot recall anyone offering to plant the ever green coco trees.

As children, we ate the ripe fruit and roast the nuts, the nuts can also be eaten straight from the shell.

Coco plum is native to the Caribbean Islands, more popular in St Vincent and the Grenadines, South and Central America, Mexico. Cuba and South Florida, tropical Africa,

If the suggested health benefits are credible, there is no reason why this fruit should not be cultivated on a commercial scale. the most suitable places for cultivation could be a problem. Since, sandy, rocky or coastal areas seem to be best suited for planting. I am not aware of any commercial farming being undertaken currently; but it can be done, the plant can survive in drought conditions and can withstand strong winds and flourish with the use of organic fertilizer.

Health Benefits

I have seen a report that fat pork is one of the best fruits for cancer prevention; I have found a short list of scientific studies including the University of Florida and the Department of Agriculture Puerto Rico, but not access the details; obviously there is need for more extensive studies.; but given the enormity of the incidence of cancer in the world, even the slightest rumor should lead to some serious research.

According to Wikipedia -coco plum-Chrysobalanus icaco plays a role in traditional medicine in some parts of its native range, and has been the subject of scientific investigations that have provided evidence of hypoglycemic, antioxidant and other pharmacological properties of the leaf extract.

Fat pork can go a long way in helping to maintain a healthy life. It contains –

Coco plums can be great for landscaping, offering great hedges and fruit at the same time.

Vitamins A. C & K







Dietary Fiber

Contains antioxidants

Prevent risk of heart attack

Can Improve Kidney health

Can Improve Blood

Can Aid in weight loss

Can improve heart health

Is good for the gall bladder

Improves eye health

Helps to reduce the risk of stroke

Boosts Skin care

Fight against mascular degeneration

This is more evidence why Health Education should be introduced in all schools, this fruit grows wild in many countries, and is available to children and adults for free.

Does anyone know of any commercial farming of Coco Plum.

When I am not researching health foods. I am carving wood

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