Health Benefits of Dodder/ Love Vine

Dodder is an invasive parasite that feeds off other plants; It can be painful for farmers destructive for the environment. There are 100 to 170 species ranging in color from yellow, orange to red.rarely green, but I have seen some in Anguilla. Scientific name -Cuscuta

Would you believe that Dodder is also an important herb.with medical benefits.

Dodder can be found throughout the world in tropical and subtropical parts of the world. Apparently only 4 species can be found in Northern Europe.

Folk names-strangle tare, devil’s hair, devil’s shoe lace, lady’s laces, hair weed, fire weed, dutta, devil’s guts, love vine. Strangle weed, angel hair, witch’s hair, pull-down, hellbine, gold tread, hail weed, wizard’s net, beggarweed, afteemoon, aftimoun, aftimum, field dodder, Japanese dodder, Chinese dodder dutta, and in Anguilla -yellow dad.                                                                                 One day after the srpraying

According to WebMD this parasite vine has medical benefits, Is there adequate scientific proof? That is always a question of concern, if so, controlling can be positive for medical purposes and eradication at the same time; there should be no problem in growing the vine in controlled conditions.

Once again I cannot for the life of me understand why we spend so much time and money researching expensive cures instead of exploiting the use of plants and herbs the good Lord has provided.

Dodder seeds have been used in China and other Asian countries to strengthen the liver and kidneys.

Scientific Studies

There have been over 20 scientific studies conducted between 1990 and 2019.

Species of dodder can be found in the Caribbean, North America,  Africa, Asia, Central and South America and Oceania.

Liquid glyphosate and Diquat formultions have been used as herbicides to control dodder; notably in California where they are experiencing an invasion of Japanese dodder. The paresite is reported to be found in the USA, for the first time around 1940, and may have been brought in deliberately fot medicinal purpses.

Trade Names





Diquat SPC2l






Touchdown Pro



It is somewhat of a mystery why Clorox was not mentioned as a method of control.

Medical Benefits


Whey is the liuid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a byproduct of the mnufacture of cheese or casein and has several commercial uses..-Wjkipedia

Dodder seeds have been used in China and other Asian countries to strenghthen the liver and kidneys.

Urinary tract


Psychiatric sand hepatic disorders



Cancer- contains chemicals that act like antioxidants to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Dodder & Whey for Eczema (atopic demertitis)

The only mention that was made by the old folks about dodder was pertaining to pregnancy; we must not dismiss the old folks and listen to what they have to teach us.


The only side effects listed in the research, was a warning for pregnant and breast feeding women not to use dodder, need I say no more.

The other was the risk of diarrhea and upset stomach if you consume too heavy a dose.

This was one of the most exciting researches I have ever conducted; for more information Google Dodder on WebMD or

Here is a plant that is a blessing and a curse; lets reap the blessing for global medicinal purposes; focus our energy on research for medical use at affordable prices.

When I am not preparing these posts, I am carving wood.


  1. I must say that I found this article quite fascinating, I had never heard of dodder before, I am on medication for high blood pressure. I have had high blood pressure for almost 25 years that I know of, so strokes are always something that I am concerned about, due to the fact that high blood pressure can cause a stroke, I find it amazing that dodder and whey have so many health benefits, my question is, can it be bought in a capsule or other form of medication. 

  2. Sorry to hear that, please view my website for info on health, Are you on a plant based diet, and no sugar or sodas. You must get serious and investigate the foods you eat, you are at risk.. I am now researching availability, and will share at a later date. I suffered 2 strokes, so you can understand. Stay healthy.

  3. The dodder parasite was unknown to me prior to reading your article, so I got educated.  But because your website’s title suggests that articles will relate to diabetes and/or strokes, I was disappointed to find that you do not connect dodder specifically to these conditions.  After reading your article I did not come away with any concrete understanding of dodder v diabetes/strokes.  Your article leaves me to be exposed to having learned about the properties of some parasite I never heard of, but no better off as to my interests with diabetes or strokes (presumably stemming from diabetic origins).  In that regard I was disappointed.  My other concern is that your article was too general and did not get to any relevant conclusions as to the medical benefits of dodder.  I would liked to have had the benefit of your opinions as to that connection as you present yourself as a researcher and authority in medical matters.  I was looking to come away after reading your article better off with my knowledge of diabetes and strokes, but I did not.

  4. I just know the wild plant was his name dodder and efficacious, there from my family suffered a stroke whether it could heal with it? How do i retrieve it? Because it is somewhat tricky like the devil’s hair, it’s incredible natural wonders that perfectly create the Doder as an alternative treatment. I am so curious and want to know how to cultivate it into medicine?

  5. I have never before this heard of Dodder. Looking at the image though, it reminds me of a plant I see growing in my country, Jamaica. This plant I am thinking of grows wild and can be seen on branches of trees. I would like to know how is it consumed. Is it prepared as a tea, or is it added to vegetable salads ? I do agree with you that many plants have medicinal benefits and we are better off checking them out rather than depend on prescribed drugs. Thanks for this information. I’ll be checking on this.

  6. rather intriguing to see the health benefits of making use of dodder. Though I have only heard this back then in the biology class when we were addressing parasites but seeing it here and learning about the health impact is really great to see here. Thank you so much for sharing here. Also, the major reason I am delighted is that it can be used to conquer eczema and that is great for me since that is the only health concern I have for now. 

  7. Wow! This is rather fascinating and surprising to know of. Seeing that such a harmful parasite is useful to  our health is really a thing of shock. However, i is also fascinating to see that when dodder are combined with whey, they can really be used to do some damages to life threatening disease such as cancer. That’s really huge to know of. Considering tat it also has very limited side effects too is also a reason I found it amazing. this is simply great. Thank you.

  8. I can see that this vine can climb as the tall trees. I am curious about the herbal use of this seemingly unwanted vine but it has health benefits.

    I hope your next post will tell us how to use it to help the liver and kidney. It’s amazing to know that it can help in many ways.

    Thanks for this wonderful knowledge of one of the wonderful vines.

  9. Thanks for your interest; as far as I can see, the Chinese has a dodder seed extract available online; Google dodder seed extract for availability, Amazon is one of the sources.

  10. Makes you wonder; it is easily available in vast quantities. why is it virtually unheard of for health purposes? You tell me. Is it something that can be prepared at home with dosage guidelines? Ask the scientists.

  11. Google  dodder seed extracts and you may find what you are looking for, or consult a Doctor with training in Natural Medicine. Good luck.

  12. Yes I think you have identified the vine, not enough is known about how to use, I am searching, but everything is vague, except for the fact that the Chinese is ahead of every body in marketing an extract. A useful Science lesson in schools should be educating the students on how to use the vine  for medical purposes. Clorox will kill the vine if you know farmers with the invasive vine. They have to remove all as soon as it starts dying, it will be easy to remove it from the branches, every tiny bit; spray on a hot sunny day.Thanks for visiting.

  13. Devil’s hair is just another name for Dodder, The labs in schools and Universities should be telling us how to prepare for medical reasons. Check the Chinese extract available online.Great question, ask the nearest lab. Good luck

  14. Sorry but the website is generally about health, if you visit the website you will find plenty about diabetes and strokes. I am not a scientist, a doctor or care giver ,other than to wet the appetite for further investigation by the reader. Send me some feedback after you visit Best wishes.

  15. Greetings,

    It’s a miracle that Dodder which is totally new to me can be both positive and negative at the same time.

    Just goes to show its oroerties are exoressed depending on how it is being used.

    Clearly, you are correct by stating tha the government should soend more time exploring the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs rather than in expensive cures.

    Guess what! They are slowly coming to an understanding that more reliable cures for prevalent diseases are plant based.

    Dodder amongst other plants may not be FDA recognized now. However, there is hope for the future vased in increased citaions for improved health.

    Thank you for sharing Didder’s medicinal benefits.

    I am a diabetic always in search of ways to discontinue the use of prescription medications because they cause the body to become highly acidic.

    Do you think Dodder could be a fair alternative?

    Have a great day.


  16. So if I am understanding correctly, what is toxic to one environment can be healing to another?

    The great circle of life! Interesting read, I was especially interested in your comment about medical researched spending billions on cures when they could potentially have the cures growing in their own back yards. I would be interested to hear additional theories about what medical researchers are avoiding, but could be used to promote cures.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thanks for visiting Kara, I am certain Scientists can serve us better if it was not for the almighty dollar, and a corrupt culture. I am also certain that if Health Education was to be introduced in all schools, with emphasis on plants and herbs, the global health care budgets could be cut drastically in 10 years; plus the new generation would be spending more time researching plants and herbs; I don’t believe we have reached the limit. All the best; Help our future generation.

  18. I have to admit I have researched and heard about many different treatments and herbs, but have never heard of dodder until now. Natural herbs are what I use for my ailments. Not fond of any prescription drugs. I’m a natural skeptic, but find this quite interesting and would like to research and examine in more detail before I would purchase. I will view your website as part of my further research.

  19. I am a health coach here in the Philippines and this Dodder is new to me, it is only here through this article that I learned about it, so thank you so much. It’s good to know that this plant can help improve many illnesses, truly a blessing for all of us. I’d like to know what is the scientific name of this plant so I can check if this is available here in my country, and if ever, how can we have a seedling for this? Can you suggest of sites where we can buy a seedling for this?

  20. Yes I think you have the vine there maybe by another name, believe you me you don’t want seedlings; it is there, see– how to kill dodder/ devil’s hair. it is an invasive parasite vine. Good luck, let me know if you found it. Best wishes.

  21. Thank you, I knew it as an invasive parasite vine that was on my plants, only after searching for a remedy to control it did I discover it was also a herb, The Chinese has an extract online; do your research for more information.Good luck

  22. Maxine the details about dodder are new to me also, do some research and read up on the Chinese extract; see more on my website; there is plenty to read. please send me some feedback.

  23. Thank you for your post. You introduce something new to me. It is my first time hearing Dodder/Love Vine. It is interesting to see that Love Vine has so many medical benefits.

    As mentioned in your article, Dodder seeds have been used in China and other Asian countries to strengthen the liver and kidneys. My kidney function is not optimal in a recent lab test. Although there is no any significant symptom yet, I would like to take preventive measures to enhance my kidney function. Dodder is the choice for me now.

    It is kind of you sharing this valuable information with us.

  24. I can not advise you, look up the Chinese extract and read the details or Google reviews of the extract; you may wish to consult a doctor with natural medicine training. I just research. Best wishes.

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