Health Benefits of Christophines/Chayote Squash

I was familiar with christophines from my early childhood growing up in Barbados, my father grew them. In the land and in the backyard along the fencing. My Dear Aunt one of my joint guardians was very partial to the vegetable, she always maintained they were good for her blood sugar.

Dear Aunt was the sister of my grandmother, and joint guardian, after my parents immigrated to the UK. I was always tasked with fetching supplies of christophines and Barracuda, a very sweet fish, safe to eat in Barbados but not in Anguilla

The plant grows very aggressively on vines on the ground or on fences or trellises; although I have never seen them grown on the ground, we have even planted near trees for the vine to climb on.

The Christophine originated in Central America, where it was cultivated by the Mayans and the Aztecs.

There is one positive thing we as Caribbean people can thank the European explorers for, and that is introducing the plant to our region along with South America and Europe; It was later introduced to Asia, Australia and Africa.

Christophines grow best in semi-tropical climates but it has been adapted to growing conditions in warmer climates. The largest producers are Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. They are grown in the Caribbean but on a much smaller scale.


Christophines contains a surprising long list of nutrients for a vegetable that is not popular on some supermarket vegetable stands.


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Health Benefits

Weight Loss

Helps Lower Cholesterol

Prevent Cancer

Prevent Premature Aging

Preventing Constipation

Prevent Heart Disease

A source of Stamina

A Source of Antioxidants

Treating Kidney Stones

Lowering High Blood Pressure ( my Dear Aunt was spot on)

A source of multiple vitamins

Treat Flatulence

Reduce Rick of Stroke

Prevent Anemia

Prevent Birth Defects in Infants

Side Effects

There are no side effects when consumed in moderation; however you might

experience some itching from the clear sap when peeling. Washing hands thoroughly will lessen the itching


Beware of side effects if consumed with certain drugs used in the treatment for cardiovascular disease, aspirin for example.

Please join me in lobbying the powers that be for the introduction of health education in all schools; I am confident many children would adopt a plant based diet from an early age If they were provided with adequate health education from an early age; they will grow up to be much more healthy in old age, with low health bills and fewer visits to the doctor. They would have taken proactive measures to protect their health.

I am not a care giver, a doctor or scientist, The contents are based on credible and scientific research from the Internet. For more information on Christophines just Google -Health Benefits Of Chaote Squash or Christophines.

Start with the two links below.


Adopting a plant based diet could be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made in your life; I know, because I have and I wish I had made the decision from childhood.

I am a full time sculptor and ceramic artist in case you would like to offer some support.

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