Health Benefits of Carrots

Eat healthy foods-carrots

When I was about 10 years old, my headmaster sent a letter to my parents recommending they should have my eyes checked for eyeglasses.

My eyes would run water whenever I was asked to read out loud to the class.

I told my parents I would never wear glasses because all the children I saw wearing reading glasses looked goofy.

I remembered my grandmother always saying-“eat your carrots they are good for your eyes”

I planted a bed of carrots on a plot of land in the backyard, and became a lover of carrots until this day; I never wore glasses during my school days; I only started using readers after the age of 70.

Carrot is a widely grown vegetable worldwide; and can be traced back 5000 years. It is best known for as a source of beta-carotene, fiber, potassium, vitamin K and antioxidants. Carrots are most known for eye health and lowering cholesterol levels.

Carrots come in many colors-red, black, white, orange and purple.

Carrots are used in stews, soups, juices, salads and as a vegetable.

Be cautious and not consume too much carrots an abundance of carrots can cause a yellowish discoloration of the skin; it’s a harmless condition and can be mostly seen on the palms, soles and ears.

Consuming too much carrots can also lead to constipation if you do not drink enough fluids to help the fiber move through your body.

Carrots has also been linked to weight loss and reduced risk of cancer, due to the antioxidants, they are low in calories and rich in nutrition.

According to Web MD carrots were first used for medicine, not food.

Carrots contain `very little fat or protein

My aim is to alert you to the nutritional facts of the foods you eat and encourage you to do your own Internet research, since I am not a health provider or research scientist.

There is plenty of information available, just go to your search engine and search for the health benefits of carrots.

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Happy hunting!

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