Health Benefits of Carambola /Starfruit

I have a friend with a small farm and a couple star fruit trees; I must be one of the few people on the Island who enjoy this fruit, and take full advantage when fruits are available. I have never seen it in the supermarkets or various roadside fruit stalls.

Whenever I am researching a health food, my first task is to see if there were scientific studies; yes! I found 9 studies listed by reputable organizations, but I still have a concern, many blogs on the health benefit of a particular health food, always issue a warning that more studies are required to substantiate the findings.

We know about the various health foods for thousands of years; why is it that time is not taken in todays world, to scientifically prove the suggested health benefits are for real.

In 2019 there should be no questions; WHY? Is it because the fruit is available in supermarkets or fruit stands, or from your gardens; therefore no need for a pharmaceutical product?

The time is ripe for an official scientifically backed global menu of health foods from plants and herbs, to be published for the teaching of health education in all schools; I will never get tired preaching it. the end result could be 50% in health care costs for the next generation.

My obvious concern is what will we do with a healthy, physically fit, population, with not enough jobs, in an age of automation.


Carambola was first discovered in Sri Lanka and Moluccas Islands of Indonesia, the fruit was later introduced to the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Hawaii in 1935. It is widely grown and consumed in Asia, and has grown increasingly popular in the USA, so much so that the increasing demand has led to commercial production in Hawaii. Florida and Peurto Rico.

Today Malaysia is the highest producer of star fruit, exporting to Asia and Europe; other top producing countries are, Guyana, Australia, India, Israel, the Philippines and Taiwan.

There are two species of star fruit, sweet and tart.

Health Benefits

Star fruit is a nutritious fruit, extremely low in calories, rich in Vitamin C and dietary Fiber, just slice and eat the star shaped slices.


A, B, and C










High in antioxidant properties -quercetin, gallic acid and epicatechin- polyphenolic compounds.

Helps to boost the immune system

Helps promote healthy skin, hair and nails

Helps increase calcium uptake

Helps increase Iron absorption

It’s anti inflammatory

Antidiarrheal and boosts digestion


Star fruit can be added to salads, use as a garnish, in pies and puddings, in stews and curies, or cooked with seafood or shellfish dishes, make jam or jelly, or as a juice.


Star fruit may cause health issues in some people, people with kidney problems or taking prescription drugs be cautious or avoid star fruit aand its juice or consult a Doctor trained in natural medicine

I have been advocating for years that all medical schools should teach natural medicine alongside regular medicine, normally most articles about foods that have medical benefits would warn you to consult your Doctor who may not have a clue unless he or she was trained in natural medicine.

For further information on star fruit, Google -Health Benefits of Carambola or Star fruit; start with- or

When I am not researching health foods, I am carving wood


  1. My husband and I are.always looking for natural ways to keep healthy.  We take vitamins every day.  I seems that the Starfruit can replace a few vitamin supplements.   I take blood pressure medication.  Would that be a problem.  How do you know the difference between the sweet and the tart fruit.   Would that taste be overpowering when added to food? It is something I intend to look into.

  2. Hi Courtney. Thanks for sharing this post concerning health benefits of Carambola / Starfruit. This fruit does not look popular but its benefits are really amazing as I have seen from this article. I haven’t seen this fruit before and it is not normally heard of in my country. So, I just discovered another fruit with great benefits. Thanks.

  3. I am in support of your plight to make it happen; there should be official scientifically backed global menu of health foods from plants and herbs, to be published for the teaching of health education in all schools because there are so many useful plants we will enjoy from and help us in health issues.

    The health benefits of carambola/starfruit are enormous and of great advantage to the human system. I see that this fruit I dangerous too. I haven’t tasted it before but I’ve learnt a lot from it. I hope I’ll taste it some day.

  4. Wow!  I have never seen a starfruit.  What a cool fruit to write about, and I’m guessing a lot of us have no idea what it is.  I sure would like to try one.I am so glad you advocate the teaching of both natural and standard medicine practices at the same time.  Too often the doctors in this country do not want to move away from drugs and Big Pharma.  That is unfortunate, because so many of the natural cures are better for you and less costly.  We know, of course, that it is all about money…even for doctors who are studying…too often, they are most focused on making a profit.  Yes, they care for their patients, but often with the most expensive medicines that are not as good and certainly not as good for us as natural ones.

    I support you in your ideas.

  5. I appreciate the information in this article since I work with folks with disabilities some of whom have diabetes.  This is a natural solution which will help them tremendously.  

    Although I am into natural remedies, I had never heard of starfruite before or Carambola.  Yes, health education of this kind should be taught in all levels of education.

    Fortunately I was raised aroind my uncle who was a naturopathic physician and learned the importance of natural health remedies early on.  Thanks so much for sharing info on this.  

  6. You were very fortunate to grow up around your Uncle. Star fruit is becoming more popular and production is on the increase.,Thanks for visiting.

  7. You are so right, remember the saying– an apple a day keeps the doctor away- healthy people wont need the doctor or drugs as much, teaching health education won’t be in the interest of business. We need to stop placing money as the first priority. Thanks for visiting.


  8. Its only dangerous under certain special conditions, thats why education is important, you get to learn the benefits and the risks. You will be amazed how many of the same foods fits different conditions. which tells you that a global menu spells total health. Why we have not prfioritize a plant based diet, I cannot understand; I walk on health foods every day that very few people use and the cost nothing. Unbelievable! Eat healthy. All the best.

  9. I ate one this morning as part of my breakfast, sadly  the season is coming to an end. Check the producing countries on my list, you never know. Anguilla is not on the list, but I found a couple trees here.. Good luck.

  10. I guess you can tell the difference by taste, the ones I eat here are sweet, but I have tasted the tart in Barbados; he first time I tasted them , I was producing some butter dishes for a restaurant by the name of Carambola, the owner introduced me to the fruit. Keep looking; Good luck.

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