Health Benefits of Black Pepper

I have come to the conclusion that Scientist would better serve mankind if they were to conduct extensive scientific studies of every edible plant known to man and seek out those that may not be yet known.

The time has come to expand the research into the health benefits of piperine beyond rats to human beings and a search for the truth rather than a synthetic product.

They may not become billionaires, but the world could afford a better quality of life, and governments could greatly reduce the tax burdens of health care; and the billions could well be equal to millions in a better world.

Where ever you go in the world, when you walk into a restaurant, you will see a salt and pepper shaker on each table. Which ever Country in this world, and which ever home you enter you will salt and black pepper in some shape or form.

Black pepper is the Queen of seasoning, King of spices, and undoubtedly, the most popular spice for flavoring in the world. It is a flowering vine native to Southern India and has been cultivated for over 2000 years. Other leading countries where black pepper is gown are Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Brazil. The vine is best suited to hot and humid tropical climates. The vines take about three to four years to bear fruit.

There is a 2018 article by Sharon Laurent proving that black pepper can be grown easily in Trinidad and Tobago; Since this spice is so widely used, why has the Caribbean not experimented more with black pepper as a crop, Is economics a factor?

The world knows about the miraculous health benefits of Turmeric, but bid you know that curcumin the ingredient in turmeric is almost useless to your health without the addition of black pepper as an absorption agent.

piperine is the miraculous ingredient in black pepper; A scientific study has indicated that piperine can block the expression of a gene responsible for arthritis and could reduce pain and inflammation. Studies has shown that piperine can reduce pain in ankle joints;- anti-inflamatory

Health Benefits of Black pepper

Enhances nutrient absorption

Black pepper has been used in home remedies for ages ; it was also used in Ayurveda remedies

Enhances nutrient absorption; improves digestion of certain nutrients

A natural pain killer

Helps keep your food fresh

Burns fat -improves metabolism; increases sweating, Reduces flatulence

Reduces inflammation

Acts as an aphrodisiac

Helps prevent certain kinds of cancer -(piperine)

May promote gut health-(can prevent stomach ulcers)

Helps with weight loss

May reduce appetite

Can remove gall stones

Can boost your immune system

Rich in antioxidants- reduction in age related macular degeneration, and possible reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

Rich in vitamins and minerals-Vitamins A, C and K




Folic acid








Helps you use less salt

Natural antidepressant

Help relieves muscular and joint pain

Improves cognitive function

piperine in combination with other substances like caster oil is used for



Heart trouble

May improve blood sugar control- (diabetes)

May lower cholesterol levels

A study in rats open the possibility of improving brain function; possibly useful for Alzheimers and Parkinson s

Studies in humans needed to verify results.

Black pepper and salt are used to cure and flavor a cross section of meats

It is more beneficial to use freshly ground peppercorns.

There is an Encyclopedia of Edible plants of North America-Nature’Green Feast, by Francois Couplan, Ph.D.

1. Here is challenge for the researchers and critical thinkers of the world, Can you find any edible plant or plants anywhere in the world that is not listed in the Encyclopedia?

2. Can you find out how many plants listed in the Encyclopedia have been researched for their health benefits.

Use a little Black pepper every day if you have no allergies.

For more information on Black Pepper, conduct some Internet research on the health benefits, start with, or; you may well find more possible health benefits.


  1. Hi CPD

    First, accept my thanks for writing a great post on the health benefits of Black pepper. Your post is full of health information. I am a spices loving person I love to try new spices from different regions. I like black pepper but I don’t know the benefits of it but now I know it through your post. You write that it is a natural pain killer, keep fresh health, burns fat, help to reduce weight, has vitamin A, C, K etc.

    Again thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

  2. Thank you, I must admit I was shocked myself after researching the information.again please join the fight to get health education in all schools at all levels, it will save a lot of lives and tax dollars; especially if they focus on the Health Benefits of Plants and Herbs. Actually it is COD-Courtney Orlando. Nice hearing from you again Nonalisa, sorry Monalisha. lol. Thanks for offering to Share. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  3. I like how you put the Menus and drop downs. You have a lot of information and that to me counts. You put the page well together and I could not have done any better very done. The pictures were helpful as well. Great content on the drop down. Well everyone has there way of writing and doing things their way. I can only give my opinion and that is all it is and my opinon is I might not add to many drop down pages on the menu buttons. But than again it’s only my opinion.

  4. Just another excuse to use black pepper and I love spices. I think the healing benefits of natural food should be fully explored with the same time, funds, and energy that we use toward research and testing of synthetically made drugs. Natural foods and holistic medicine can go a long way in preventing chronic diseases. The amount of money spent on prescriptions needed to just manage chronic diseases (most of the time not cure them) is becoming unmanageable.  

  5. Hi, I have read carefully your Health Benefits Article. Writing a great post on the health benefits of Black Pepper. Black pepper has been used in home remedies for ages. It was also used in Ayurveda remedies. I like black pepper but I don’t know the benefits of it but now I know it through your post. You write that it improves digestion of certain nutrients, natural pain killer, Burns fat-improves metabolism, helps with weight loss, has vitamin A, C, K, etc.

    Thanks for giving the health-related article.

  6. Hello friend, I have read your entire article very seriously. I was very excited to read your article because black pepper was found. Your article is full of health information I love new spices from different people. Everyone in our family likes to eat black pepper. I like black pepper but I do not know the benefits of it You write that it is a natural pain killer, keeps fresh health, burns fat, helps to reduce weight, has vitamin A, C, K, etc. We should eat black pepper for the health of all of us. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful article on black pepper.

  7. Sometimes, little things that we neglect are the real reasons we are alive, hale and healthy. As much as I love spicy meals, I never would have realised in my wildest imaginations that black pepper could be this much beneficial to our health. I really appreciate you for the depth if your knowledge and research to have cone up with this. Thanks

  8. Hello:  I’m thankful to have found your site. Unfortunately, diabetes run in my family, so having read your article, I definitely will share the information with my relatives. Although, there are other remedies out there, my preference is always to go with natural/homemade stuff, first.Your article has listed a few options, so I’m glad to know there are various ingredients that can help those of us who suffer with these kinds of illnesses.



  9. Wow. I had no idea there were so many different uses for Black Pepper. I was quite surprised to see the number of health benefits as well. I’ll have to start using more of it. I agree with you that there should be more research into the benefits of the many plants out there. Our ancestors used many different kinds of plants for various health conditions. Thanks for posting such useful information.

  10. Neither did I, Why on earth all Doctors receive training on the Benefits of the food we eat; it is preventive medicine, It should also be an integral part of all courses for Teacher Training. Stay healthy.

  11. Now I am conducting research, I am happy that my family grew up eating the things we did without knowing anything about the health benefits, If there was education I for one would have avoided some of the foods I learn to love.I too love spicy foods and use hot sauce on almost everything.Thank you fro visiting.

  12. I wonder how many people who use black pepper every day know that it had health benefits. Think how healthy the world could be with the right education, please lobby your school board for the introduction of health education in all schools, with emphasis on the health benefits of plants and hers; know what to eat and why. Stay Informed. Thanks for visiting.

  13. Thanks for your comments, now you know, try to learn more about plants and herbs, just Google your favorite foods and learn.

  14. Christina you are spot on, join my lobby for the teaching of health education in all schools and the training of specialist teachers. Thank you, be proactive.

  15. Thanks for your observations, noted. What did you think about the subject?

  16. Hello,
    This is a very helpful and educative article about the Health Benefits of Black Pepper. I never thought that black pepper also has benefits. But when I carefully read your article then I have good knowledge about it. When I read your article then I can know that it is a natural pain killer, keep fresh health, burns fat, help to reduce weight, has vitamin A, C, K, etc. At before i think it just a spice but now I know it is not only a spice but also it is healthy for health.
    Thanks for writing a helpful article. Really it helps to a lot to know the Benefits of Black Pepper.
    Again Thank you so much.

  17. I am sure many people will be shocked to learn the facts about black pepper, there are other surprises in store. Stay informed. Thanks for visiting.

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