Execise #1-numbers

Cognitive Impairmant  Test-1
How to retrain you brain after a stroke.

One of the main concerns for any person suffering a stroke is brain damage.

Here is a brain exercise I created to help me test my cognitive function after my stroke in 2013; I hope it is as helpful to you as it was to me.





This is an interesting free brain exercise that demonstrates the energy and diversification that the numbers one thru nine generates.

The example shown in the grid (attachment) below shows a column of 3-digit numbers; the numbers are broken down into there sub-columns 1-2-3 & the first sub-column contains the numbers 1 thru 9 in numerical order and the other 2 sub-columns contains the same 1 thru 9 but in any order.

Complete the grid by following the example shown in the first column of numbers.

You can only use each there-digit number once.

Please try this exercise and give me some feedback.
click on attachment for exercise

BRAIN EXERCISE- No 1 numbers

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  1. Oh my goodness as soon as I saw the mere mention of the WORD numbers my brain shuts down. The actual explanation of the numbers in the columns was very confusing for me but I have always had trouble since primary school processing them. I think I have a type of dyslexia. I went to the attachment and did however try and grab some sort of understanding and did see that the first numbers were in numerical order. I read your page twice and tried to work it out for a second time and sorry to say that I couldn’t do it.
    I will go and read the comments left by others to see how they got on, probably much better than me.
    I was interested to see that your website has the adverts and menus on the left where I have not seen this done before. I liked this style and found it pleasing on the eye and easy to read.
    I was wondering why you used a picture of the little vase? I do like the way the wording wraps around the bottom of the picture.
    I was also wondering if the number grid might be able to be added in a prettier way, it came across as looking a little bit dull. Maybe not to other people though, it may be just because number solving exercises are difficult to me.
    Thanks for presenting a website with something completely different to what I have seen before.
    It has got me thinking about it because I do feel the need to solve it.

  2. Thanks for visiting; I am sorry if you are having problems following this exercise, perhaps you should be tested for dyslexia, you can google it and read about it, there may be a simple test. This exercise is simple and there are no set answers; it depends which numbers you use first,Just make sure the hundreds, tens and ones columns each has the numbers 1 to 9. 123.234,356—

    Don’t give up, please try again and let me know of you of your success.

  3. Hi there,
    I have wasted so much time on this! Ah, but it is all exercise for the brain so I don’t mind at all. It is late at night here though so I am going to have another crack at it in the morning.
    My results I am not sure if they are right. I found that by completing all of the columns in numerical order I didn’t use any number more than once. I noticed that you had done the numerical order in the first and second column and so followed that example and then I wondered why not do it for the middle column as well.
    Was this correct or did I totally miss the point?
    Anyway, thanks for making me think!!

  4. Kris sorry to hear you are having problems with this exercise, i think people are intimidated and thinks there is a catch, there is no catch just a simple exercise if you read and understand the instructions, which is the most damaging impact of answers at the touch of a button, school teachers are experiencing the same problem.please try again when your mind is fresh.

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