Drugs and Their Side Effects-Satins

One should always read the warnings concerning the side effects of any prescription drug; sometimes when you read the side effects you tend to ask, which is worse, the ailment or the side effects?

On the other hand, Personally I wonder how much of the warnings are protection against litigation in this day and age.

This health alert caught my attention, because of one of the drugs I stopped taking some time ago.


As reported Satins block an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase that is involved in the synthesis of mevalonate, a naturally occurring substance that is then used by the body to make sterols.

Satins are used to lower high cholesterol- the bad cholesterol

Reduce a person’s risk of having a heart attack or stroke or developing angina.

Reduce the risk of further heart disease in people with type 2 diabetes or coronary disease

For further details on Satins view-https://www.drugs.com/drug-class/hmg-coa-reductase-inhibitors.html

List of Satins

Altocor–generic– Lovasatin

Altoprev (Pro)–generic lovastatin

Lescol (Pro)–generic fluvastatin

Pravachol–generic –prevastatin

Crestor (Pro) –generic rosuvastatin

Lipitor (Pro)–generic pitavastatin

Zocor (Pro)-generic simvastatin

Ezallor (Pro)–generic rosuvastatin

Baycol– generic cerivastatin

FLoLipid-generic simvastatin

Lescol XL (Pro)–generic fluvastatin

Nikita (Pro)–generic pitavastatin

Zypitamag (Pro) –generic pitavastatin

One of the warnings about statins seem to have prompted the research.

It was this headline that caught my attention-

“Statins do not harm the memory – and may prevent cognitive decline for some”.

It is understandable that both Doctors and patients would need some assurance after a warning about memory loss, that is enough to scare the living daylights out of ailing patients taking any of the listed Satin drugs.

The headline above is from the Telegraph, featuring an article by Laura Donnaly; A team of researchers led by Professor Kathleen Samaras of the clinical Obesity, nutrition, and adipose biology lab at the Garvan Institute of Australia, conducted a six-year study of 1000 people 70 to 90 years, who have been taking satins for nine years; and found that there was no memory impairment from taking statins, but can prevent cognitive decline.

The report was published in the Journal of the Americn College of Cardiology, and sought to remove the fears a decline in cognitive function of persons with heart disease or a high risk of dementia.

On the contrary, what they found was individuals with risk factors of dementia, heart disease and diabetes, taking statin causes a slow down in cognitive decline, compared to those with the same risk factors who did not take statin

The report also noted that around 8 million People in the UK take pills daily to prevent heart attacks and strokes; statistics show these numbers are on the increase; I am positive that if we were to introduce health education in all schools with emphasis on the heath benefits and risks of everything that passes our lips, the numbers could be greatly reduced in 10 to i5 years. The children will be the examples in the family along with the critically thinking parents and guardians,

Please lobby for Health Education in All Schools.

When I am not researching health education I am carving wood.

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