Diabetics and Recurring Strokes-T

Test for cognitive function 7A

Can diabetic victims prevent recurring strokes?

Pioglitazone / Actos

There is much debate about the conflicts of interest between big business and natural health diets; there are even reports of conflict of interests between different pharmaceutical companies and sponsored research, The governing authorities are even caught up in the mess.

One recent discovery is undergoing scrutiny from various authorities and interests.


Diabetes is very big business, Researches are trying to find a drug to prevent recurring strokes in type 2 diabetes patients; an achievement that will bring relief to millions of victims the world over.

Pioglitazone does decrease blood sugar levels, but it effectiveness to treat effectively treat type 2 diabetes is still in question.

One of the major questions in any new research is what are the side effects. Today any drug label has so many warnings that one has to sometimes ask which is worse, the cure or the side effects.

The brand name for pioglitazone is Astos, in 2008 Actos had sales of 2.4 billion and was the tenth-best selling drug in the US.

I was excited to see the rare pharmaceutical reference to diet and exercise but pioglitazone is addition to diet and exercise to regulate the level of glucose and help reduce insulin resistance in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Side Effects

The controversy surrounding Astos stems from the question of side effects. The reported side effects include low blood sugar, congestive heart failure in some patients,



Upper respiratory tract infection,

Muscle aches,

Sore throat,

Tooth disorders,


Liver injury (symptoms-nausea, fatigue, vomiting,,dark urine, anorexia, abdominal pain)

Edema, ( dose related fluid accumulation)

Bladder cancer,


Diabetic macular edema ( A serious risk of losing your eyesight)

Actos can lead to pregnancy causing women who have stopped ovulating if they are premenopausal and insulin resistant to ovulate .

Why should patients take this drug after reading this long list of side effects?

Astos first came on the market in 1999, followed by other variations of the drug, all manufactured and sold by the same company; during a 10-month period in 20102.3 million patients filled prescriptions for a drug containing pioglitazone.

The drug raised the hopes of millions of patients around the world looking for a cure for diabetes. The drug drew international attention when researchers started to issue warnings about the possible link to bladder cancer .

Several countries around the world has banned prescriptions of the drug ; but the USA is still to follow suite despite the credible warnings.

The FDA launched its investigation into the link to bladder cancer in 2010; The Indian government had suspended the manufacture, sale and distribution of the drug due to the warnings about its side effects including bladder cancer despite wide criticism in various sectors including from Doctors.

The drug but revoked the ban in 2013 but with guidelines to black box the warnings. Astos can still be prescribed in the USA but there are warning of the risk of bladder cancer and against prescriptions for patients with active bladder cancer or caution with patients with a prior history of bladder cancer.

There are reports of law suits involving this drug.

An interesting case of note was the circumstances leading up to the suspension in India; the case highlights the conflict between the Governing Bodies, Sponsored Agents, Doctors and the Public.

To read more about Pioglitazone and get a better understanding of the issues involving this drug which is intended to help victims of type 2 diabetes avoid recurring stokes, search the web -use the key words -pioglitazone suspension and its aftermath in India. There are other drugs designed for the same purpose, research these drugs thoroughly before you decide to accept a prescription from a medical Doctor. Be informed about the  drugs you take.

Adopting a plant-based diet is the best and most affordable medicine anyone can take.

Are there researchers in this world with the visionary insight, who would undertake to finding a plant or herd to prevent victims of  type 2 diabetes from having recurring strokes? 

Cognitive Function Test 7A

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy foods- Parsley

This exercise is simply a cognitive function test for stroke victims as well as a brain exercise for aging adults and young children, especially for home schooling

It is not an intelligence test.

The listed letters represent a five- word sentence.

There are no spaces between the letters or the words; the words are in the correct order.

The test is to identify each word and then read the sentence.

The sentence is a health tip.

Improve Bone Density WIith Squash

Clue No one     7 + 4 + 7 + 4 + 6


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Maintain A healthy lifestyle-Adopt a plant-based diet

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  1. Thank you so much for this post you have allowed me to learn great information about diabeties. 75% of my family are diabetic. And I will point them this way. And you are right most all these drugs have adverse reaction. Sad to say we have to run the risk of some other illness to try to keep sugar down.

  2. Thanks for sharing such informative post about stroke. I totally agree with you that by the end of the day, eating more vegetable is better than any medicine. It takes time but definitely bring benefit to one’s health. I am starting to be a semi-vegetarian in order to lower my cholesterol too.

  3. Thanks for visiting, the more research I undertake, the more I am convinced that a plant based diet and exercise is the answer for a healthy lifestyle and longevity; but big business and stubborn stupidity is blocking the path. I only eat some fish from time to time but stop eating any kind of meat altogether.


  4. It’s unfortunate that the Doctor bills keep coming regardless. Pay more attention to your diet and you can never learn too much about nutrition.Thanks for visiting.

  5. I fell like this is just another example how our health is at risk, thanks to to health scare professionals.  More people will die this year from side effects caused by prescription drugs, taken as their doctor advised.  

    I 100% agree about the benefits of exercise and plant based diet, but I think it needs to be said ORGANIC plants are the way to go.  Spraying chemicals and pesticides on food can negate the benefit, and IMHO actually cause problems.

    Great article though, its important to get the word out!

  6. Thanks for visiting; however you turn, big business is in your face, we soon need to all become our own family farmers; Do the best you can. But definitely plant based and exercise.

  7. This article really hit home. Diabetes runs in my family. It’s a very serious health condition, and can lead to a lot of other health issues. It should definitely be taken seriously! 

    Most of the time, diabetes can also be prevented, by eating healthier and exercising! It’s best to combat any health issue with a more natural lifestyle!

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! I will definitely be passing it along!

  8. This is great information. My mother suffers from diabetes. I like that you mention parsley, but I also  know that cinnamon powder works to bring sugar levels down as well. My mom has been taking cinnamon powder for a long time and it has helped to keep her sugar in check. 

    The pharma industry only care about getting their drugs out there. If they didn’t have to they wouldn’t even put the side effects on packaging. The thing with them is the bottom line, who cares about how the patient suffers. 

    Thanks for the read.

  9. A great revelation about what is happening in the medical world. I am sure there are many drugs on the market where the side effects are worse than the disease, but we should all be made aware of them.

    A thorough examination of this particular drug which to me looks as if it should be banned worldwide.


  10. There are so many drugs out there for diabetes. It is really scary when a new drug is promoted due to the fact there are so many possible side effects. Type 2 diabetes seems to be helped simply by diet and exercise as you mentioned. That is the way I would handle it. It’s not worth using medication without first trying self-help methods. I think most of us would be healthier if we naturally worked to help ourselves. Thank you for laying out this information and keeping us aware of what is out there.

  11. Thank you.  I’ve learned a bunch about diabetes from you.  I have some family and friends who have diabetes.  I will share this website with them.  I completely agree with you about eating healthy.  That’s much better than the medications any day.  And there are so many side effects to every medication, anyway.  Natural is better 🙂  Thank you for your review 🙂

  12. Hi,

    I had a grandma who was a diabetic for years. She passed away at the age of 84, she was old but she could have lived longer. I know that those years still aren’t bad for someone who has that problem, but she had a big will for living. Yet she didn’t walk much and she was heavy, so that was another problem. She used a lot of medicaments and that probably caused other simptoms.

    Definitely, walks, excercise and healthy food are the key to a healthy living. I think that especially for diabetics this elements are crucial and also diets. If my grandma had adopted this, she would have probably lived more.

    Thanks for this post, there are good advices and diabetics should pay attention more to their health, and not only them, but others also. Every once and then diets are good, and daily activities are salvation.



  13. Thanks for visiting, I believe genetics and the state of mind also play a big part in longevity, can you imagine if such a person add a plant-based diet  and exercise; they could live a longer and healthier life. May  she RIP. 

    Best wishes.

  14. Thank you for visiting and offering to share.

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