Cognitive Impaired Test & Brain Exercise #86-numbers

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Personally I have found this format of brain exercise to be an excellent cognitive impairment test.

The formula for the test was created by myself after suffering a mild stroke in 2013; the exercise was twofold, first to see if I could remember anything from my teaching days, and second to test whether there was any cognitive impairment.

The format is also an ideal form of brain exercise for all, that is not an intelligence test; and an excellent exercise for people who are intimidated by numbers.

The exercise can be completed successfully in less than half an hour.

The grid is made up of three rows and three columns

Each row must contain the numbers one thru nine in any order as shown in the first row

Each remaining sub-column must contain the numbers one thru nine and in any order; in other the hundreds, tens and ones sub-columns must contain the numbers one thru nine in any order.

Complete the grid as instructed.
Cognitive Impairment tests-# 86


  1. Hi there
    My mother and older brother have diabetes and this is something they should definitely educate themselves on. This is a great brain exercise and even though I don’t have diabetes I now have learned something new. I am so sorry to hear about you suffering a mild stroke but I am so glad you are ok. Thank you for this amazing article.

  2. Thank you, please share, I am learning so many things about health I wish I was aware of much earlier in my Life; I am encouraging parents to lobby their local authorities to introduce health education in  all schools.

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