Cognitive Impairment Test-# 95-maxplication chart- x4

Cognitive Function and Impairment Test

This is one in my series of maxplication charts. First designed in 2013 after suffering a stroke.

They were inspired by a multiplication chart I designed an used in my classrooms in the sixties while teaching in England.

It is based on the four times tables.

By virtue of the design you can multiply many more numbers by four.

Test your Cognitive Function

The chart requires careful studying before you attempt the Exercise. The exercise is excellent for creative teaching and learning in the classroom or home schooling

In addition to the chart there are three other sets of numbers featured on the chart. There are all multiples of four.

Identify the numbers from the chart and write a short description to demonstrate that you understand how the chart functions.

You must not use any electronic devices to find the answers; they all can be found on the chart.

You might need a little simple addition at times.

MAaxplicationx 4 #95


  1. Thank You

    I found your article interesting, I never knew before reading your article there was such a cognitive impairment test for stoke victims?

    This article will be very useful for stroke victims, I am sure many of your readers will find this article as interesting as I have.

    This should help many stroke victims all because of your passion to help others.

  2. Thank you. please let me know how you find the exercises, send me answers and I will be grateful if you can share them with friends and family.

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