Cognitive Impairment Test-94-word game

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods.

After the passing of hurricane Irma I had the pleasure of spending a substantial amount of time with two primary school students.
I was fortunate to engage them with my exercises, both numbers and word games; I learnt a hell of a lot.

I learnt that I had to make the word games less challenging in order to guard off frustration; and the numbers exercises were fun and enjoyable so much so that one of the students told her mom that she was beginning to enjoy math.

This particular word game is less challenging. Enjoy.


There are 11 letters posted.

The letters represent a three-word sentence.

There are two challenges to the exercise.
1. How many words can you create from the 11 letters?
This will help you to identify the sentence and enhance your spelling and vocabulary.
2. Identify the three-word sentence.
You must use all the letters in the grid.
Tip-How many words in the English language consist of one letter only?
Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish


  1. I have heard that doing these mind games can be very helpful. Keeping your mind active especially as we get older is very important. Will these brain games help in the prevention of dementia and alzheimer’s or at the very least slow it down?
    I am still working on the puzzle on this page. It may be easy for those young minds but this senior mind needs some practice at this.
    I will definitely be back for more of these brain games.

  2. Thanks for trying, email me if you need help; remember the slogan-use it or loose it

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