Cognitive Impairment Test & Brain Exercise # 97-word game

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods.-Avocados


Create a family Ebook with a list of plant based health foods and their Health Benefits; start with the list posted on this website.

After the passing of hurricane Irma I had the pleasure of spending a substantial amount of time with two primary school students.
I was fortunate to engage them with my exercises, both numbers and word games; I learnt a hell of a lot.

I learnt that I had to make the word games less challenging in order to guard off frustration; and the numbers exercises were fun and enjoyable so much so that one of the students told her mom that she was beginning to enjoy math.

This particular word game is less challenging. Enjoy.


There are 11 letters posted.

The letters represent a three-word sentence.

There are two challenges to the exercise.
1. How many words can you create from the 11 letters?
This will help you to identify the sentence and enhance your spelling and vocabulary.
2. Identify the three-word sentence.
You must use all the letters in the grid.

If you are having difficulty with this exercise,please feel free to email me for help.

One useful strategy is when you think one of your words is correct, eliminate those letters and the exercise gets easier as you progress- when you get one word right, finding the other two becomes easy using -The Process of Elimination.

Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish

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  1. What a great game! It is not only good for folks that have had a stroke. It is good for anyone who want to keep their brains sharp. I have identified the words ____ and ____. No I am not going to give it away. 🙂 Looking forward to many more brain games to play.


  2. No I don’t want you to give it away, but you can send me the answer by PM i have posted a gift of one of my hearts to the first person to send me the answer.

  3. Hi Uncle, I have sort of found it.

  4. Thank you so much for this article!

    You have pointed out some great games to keep even the healthy working to keep their minds sharp! It took me awhile to develop the sentence.

    I can definitely see how fun games such as these work to keep our minds active! It is so important following a stroke to keep our brains turning!

    Very valuable information!

  5. Thanks, they are designed for brain exercises for healthy minds as well could be great for schools please share with a teacher or student.What was the sentence?

  6. If you did you are definitely good considering English is not your first language; email it to me privately. Have you ever building a website. I have the perfect platform for you.You live in a very progressive country that is a world leader.

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