Cognitive Impairment Test# 88-word game

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Are you a stroke victim looking to test your brain function?

Do you exercise your brain for good health?

This is an excellent exercise to meet your needs.

Some people prefer word games and some prefer numbers; my first exercises were all about numbers but several readers asked for exercises using words.

This exercise is a formula I created to accommodate the people who prefer words to numbers.

The exercise is a word game; The exercise is two-fold; you are given a random selection of letters;
The first challenge is to create as many words as possible from the listed letters.

I have decided to lower the degree of difficulty of sentence on this website,but if you like the word game and would prefer a more challenging exercise, visit

The second challenge is a little more difficult; The listed letters represent a specific sentence, you are given the number of words that makes up the sentence, this makes it easier to perform the exercise.

You must use all the letters to create the sentence.
The sentence must contain the number of words asked for.

There are 10 letters, which represent a three- word sentence

1. Create as many words as possible from the 10 letters.

2. Identify the 3 word sentence.


Copyright 2017 Courtney Devonish