Cognitive Function Test & Brain Exercise # 100-word game

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods

Your Brain Health is just as important as your Phyysical Health

This is a cognitive function test as well as an excellent brain workout.

The exercises involve numbers and some are word games.

From this day forward I will make changes to existing exercises; hopefully when someone have successfully completed an exercise.

A few of the exercises does not realy ask for a specificic answer, they are just exercises with numbers that does not involve math.

Word Game

There are 20 letters posted at random.

The 20 letters represent a four-word sentence.

There are two parts to this exercise.

Part one does not require a specific answer; It is just a brain workout to be executed at your own level.

I. Form as many words as possible from the letters posted; This is an excellent test of your cognitive function and is just a brain workout.

2. The 20 letters posted represent a four-word sentence.

Identify the sentence.

You must use all 20 letters to form the sentence.

1st – one of the words has five letters

E  O  B  R  G  S  I  E  B  N  C  M  S  U  I  B  L  N  S  T

Copyyright 2018 Courtney Devonish

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