Brain Exercise & Cognitive Function Test #45-word game


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This exercise is based on one of my most memorable experiences as a teacher in the late sixties.
One of my students was considered a slow learner and his writings were considered gibberish.

The class was asked to write a composition on the Emotion- Hate
The supposedly slow learner came to me with a big smile on his face and asked me to read his composition; of course it did look like gibberish,

“let me read it for you” and he proceeded to read what was the most brilliant piece of writing I had ever seen from any student.

After some investigation it turned out he had one of the highest IQ’s in the school. He had a set pattern to all his writings.

This exercise will challenge your cognitive function.
The 15 letters posted at random represents a four-word sentence.

1. Form as many words as you can form the letters posted; hopefully the four words will be among the words you formed.

2. Identify the four-word sentence


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  1. Mind power is super important when it comes to accomplishing goals. Im happy I ran into this article because I am always looking for new ways to train my brain. Chess has been one thing I have been trying to practice lately but this seems like a good way to switch it up and get some of the same results.

  2. Many thanks for visiting and sharing; the site has exercises on numbers and words, some people prefer one over the other.I am also a chess player, but you need a partner if you want it to be fun; my problem on this little Island is the fact that it is hard to find partners. I started a chess club years ago at the local high school, but the teachers who were interested in assisting left for further studies and the project died.Recently my daughter was home on holiday and brought two friends to chill out and we played Dominoes. One of her friends saw my chess board and ask if i will teach her. i was happy to accept.

  3. Very interesting exercise although I must admit, I don’t think I have enough confidence to share my results publicly. :-). What I find most interesting is how these things were dealt with back in the 60s when you were teaching vs. how they are dealt with today. It’s truly a different world and that’s a good thing.

  4. Thanks for visiting , I am looking for a way to have answers sent privately so that correct answers won’t be seen. if you are a premium member send me the answer by private message.looking forward to hearing from you. Education has not changed much over the years,they are now trying to adjust,the only different there were no computers or smart phones in those days.

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