Brain exercise & Cognitive Function Test- 44-word game

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This exercise is based on one of my most memorable experiences as a teacher in the late sixties.
One of my students was considered a slow learner and his writings were considered gibberish.

The class was asked to write a composition on the Emotion- HATE.
My slow learner came to me beaming, and asked me to read his composition; of course it did look like gibberish,
“Let me read it for you” and he proceeded to read what was the most brilliant piece of writing I had ever seen from any student.

It turned out he had one of the highest IQ’s in the school. He had a set pattern to all his writings.

This exercise will challenge your cognitive function.

The letters in the grid represent a sentence.
Identify the pattern and you will identify the sentence.
Send me your answer and comments.

BRAIN ERERCISE –44-sentence-E


  1. Brain exercises are as important as physical exercises, especially when we start to get older. Your exercise is a real challenge for me but I will persevere and see if I can get it. Obviously, my IQ is nowhere near that of your student.
    Thanks for a great post. Cheers Kev

  2. Thanks for viewing, sorry you find the exercise challenging, the eye is just as important as the brain., glance over carefully and you will pick up clues.Looking forward to your answer.

  3. When reading from right to left, I can see “The globe is a village”. Is this the answer?

    Quite entertaining there. It seems the student maybe is accustomed to reading/writing from right to left, instead of the normal left to right system. But I really wonder why such a thing can happen to the little kid?

  4. Yes the answer is correct, the kid had some adjustment problems and he was very intelligent and it was a fun thing for him,How go you rate the exercise,? Was the hint helpful/? I am looking for a way to hide the correct answers so other users do not ss them, any ideas? Thanks for visiting. Best wishes.

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