BRAIN EXERCISE -18-general


eat healthy foods-cod fish soup

I am embarrassed when I meet people that I have known for a long time and can’t remember their names, sometimes its because we have not had reason to call their names, or it could be because the brain is older and had no real exercise for a while.

Don’t be alarmed, when I was 24 years old I was walking through the Coventry shopping precinct and met a girl friend I hadn’t seen for four years, she had moved away and was back for the week-end.

After a cup of coffee she asked if she can spend the evening with me instead of paying for a hotel room.

We never exchanged names and I tried every trick in the book to get her to say her name, because I had forgotten it.-no luck.

The following day we were on our way to lunch when i met some other friends, I said “please introduce yourselves”
She looked at me and smiled. I repeated myself;
Courtney what’s my name?
“OH don’t be ridiculous, introduce yourselves”
Again she repeated-“Courtney what’s my name”
As it turned out she was aware that I couldn’t remember her name and hid every piece of identification from me.

To this day I can still remember her name.

Here’s this exercise.
List all the names of the boys or girls you ever dated.
List the names of all your teachers dating from the first school you ever attended.
List the names of the parents of your close school or college friends.
list some of the most, frightening, embarrassing,sad or humorous things you ever experienced?
I am sure the brain will come alive, even if it was a hundred years ago.

Courtney Devonish.