BRAIN EXERCISE- 46-numbers -challenging


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I was looking for a new angle to one of my series of exercises that anyone who can count and has cognitive function can successfully complete, but would undergo a vigorous brain workout.

My thoughts were occupied with this challenge for weeks; then an idea came to me in my sleep. I immediately got up and started to create, I did not want to disturb the wife; I did get out of bed, so I worked on the computer with the lights.

When I am creating an exercise I must complete the exercise first. This exercise took me two weeks to complete.

This exercise will challenge your patience and cognitive skills. It is a vigorous brainwork out.

The Challenge

Complete the grid so that numbers one to nine appear in each row and each column as demonstrated in the first row and the first column.

Each row and each column must contain the numbers one to nine in the hundreds, tens and ones section.
The numbers can appear in any order.

Image-Mango tree with fruits.

BRAIN EXERCISE -46-numbers-challenging


  1. hey thanks for this post. I have done other brain exercises in the past and they make you feel better in more than your cognitive thoughts. Is there a series of brain exercises put together for each day that you can refer me to? Just in order to keep up with it and not get bored of a single one!

  2. Thanks for your contribution; have you completed this one successfully. If you look at my listed websites, you will see i have two sites buzz brain are the more challenging-no spaces.

  3. Interesting challenge. Tried it and it’s really more challenging than it looks. Perhaps I am not that great with numbers. Haha. I like brain exercises like these; would you do up any with visuals and words? I use to fill up my past time by doing IQ questions matching shapes and all. By the way, what are mango leaves about? 🙂

  4. Thanks for viewing, don’t give up, it just takes time and focus, some of these exercises take me as much as two weeks to complete; i have to complete them first. send me your answer as a pdf on or as a private message. I have been eating mangoes all my life, we had several trees on the land and around the house and i never knew the leaves had such powerful health benefits; thats why i feel the school system failed us. look it up on the internet. everything is there.Happy searching; Best wishes.

  5. That is a tricky little exercise isn’t it? It actually took me longer to understand what you wanted there, then to actually do the exercise. I guess once my brain got in gear understanding the directions, then it was primed. Brain exercises are really good for everyone though. At least I believe they are. Thanks for the cool little quiz.

  6. Thanks, i am happy you got it. if you got it send me your effort via a pdf in private message.- all the best.

  7. This is really cool i have never done brain exercise before and found i did not understand at first, it is hard to get your brain to think in that way, i can see how this form of exercise for the brain can be very good for it .
    I now have managed to complete the test and loved doing it, i was wondering if you have any more exercises
    Or recommend where i can find some more?
    This is somthing i am interested in doing in the future.
    I will bookmark this site for future reference

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