BRAIN EXERCISE-51-numbers-Endurance.



I received three emails expressing surprise at the difficulty of this series of exercises; they thought they look easy.

Finding a satisfactory method to complete this exercise is a problem solving exercise in itself; that’s why it was designed for the creative mind.

Which of these two names do you prefer-Longamity or Endurance?

This series of exercise takes time, discipline, creativity and possibly more than one day.

I know how long it took me to create each exercise, each exercise starts with an idea, then I must prove that the idea works before publishing,

The exercises will test your Endurance and cognitive skills.

The grid is designed to have the numbers one thru nine in each row and each column.

You are given a selection of numbers. Complete the grid so that each row and each column contains the numbers one thru nine in any order.

You must not move any of the numbers from their posted positions.