Brain Exercise & Cognitive Function Test # 28 numbers


Free Brain Exercise For Stroke Victims/Patients and Public.
THIS IS A Relaxing BRAIN EXERCISE That Will Challenge Your Cognitive Skills.

It is another exercise demonstrating the energy of the numbers one thru nine.

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods

Brain Exercise # Cognitive Test # 28-numbers

Complete the grid so that each sub-column column contains the numbers one thru nine in any order using two four-digit numbers and one single-digit number

You cannot use any four- digit number or single –digit number more than once more than once.

This is a relaxing exercise but will still test your cognitive function and give your brain a good workout.

The exercise is not as easy as it looks.

Brain Exercise & cognitive function test # 28-numbers
Copyright 2016 Courtney Devonish


  1. I’m not familiar with these kinds of brain excersicing at all so I have a few questions: What is the real benefit to this? How would you be able to apply it to everday life? and lastly, how much take should it take to apply the techniques to be effective. Hope you can answer and thanks for your time.

  2. Thanks for viewing, To improve our total health we should exercise the brain as well as engage in some physical exercise at least 30 minutes a day; but the exercises are also for stroke victims to help improve cognitive function after a stroke.Eat healthy foods and exercise daily, both mental and physical.Best wishes.

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