Brain Exercise -Can You Read Me- Exposed

hearts by Courtney Devonich


Creating the brain exercises is also a challenge for me personally and my own way of exercising my brain.


If you follow the story of the origin of these exercises, you will see the student had a whole school –Teachers and students fooled.


I have to admit that if the student did not explain I might not have been able to read his writings; but his explanation helped.


Too many people are complaining that the exercises are too difficult, and I prefer them to enjoy the exercises as well as accepting the challenge.


Let me explain the concept behind the exercises by demonstrating how to read the sentence; not all exercises will be this easy or follow the same pattern, but the principle is the same.


Exercise # 00–Can you read Me.


The 16 letters represent a three –word sentence.

Identify the sentence.




Let’s say I give the first clue-5 + 4 + 7


One visitor wanted to know what the numbers had to do with a word game.


Remember this is a test of cognitive function, critical thinking and creativity.

  1. There are 16 letters and 5 + 4 + 7 =16.
  2. The sentence has 3 words
  3. Separate the words, therefore the next step is to separate the words
  5. You may not have to go any further, good cognitive function should recognize the three words right away.
  6. Let’s say I give a second clue, again with numbers-
  7. 1524314231726354


  1. What has those numbers got to do with a word game, your creative brain should tell you there are 16 numbers, so let’s separate the numbers again according to the equation


  1. 15243—1423–1726354

Now that I have reached this far, Identify the pattern above and you should be able to read the sentence.

Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish.


  1. Hi Devonish

    It’s interesting to see how our brain works. the conscious and unconscious function of the brain working together and resulting into a connection between all knowledge gathered from experience.

    yet again a proof that our brain is probably the most adaptable part of our body to it’s environment. Survival of the fittest is into place here

    It works in many ways, but it is cool to see your example too. Vision can be tricked and minds can be fooled. I guess we can train our brain to see patterns and structures. Creating new thinking patterns which is also the struggle of mental illnesses. Maybe you can make brain exercises for those.

    kind regards

  2. Thanks for the comments, you are sending me in areas I have no intention of going, but sometimes I wish. Did you get the sentence?

  3. You had me cracking up initially at how “lazy’ my brain was, but I eventually got it and felt super proud that I saw “plant some flowers” in the end. I will share with a colleague who suffered a stroke. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you have more exercises to share? I do see that this can help those who suffered a stroke and maybe those of us who need to be more mentally alert.

  4. I am truly happy you got it; please help me, would you have understood the process of finding the sentence if I had not explained it. I did that because people were complaining they were too difficult, and that concerns me. There are 100 exercises no the website Please share. Thank you.

  5. Man! if that puzzle was for stroke recovery victims, then what is the one for normal people. I just didn’t get it!

    Anyway, I found the article interesting because my Mother had a stroke 11 years ago and I searched on the net for best way to put a stroke victim into physical strength mode.

    I came across a guy named Mark Lester who happened to be one of the best Bowen Therapy practitioners in London. He only charged £45 for a one-hour session.

    Anyway, within Mum’s first session, she went from being bent double to standing up straight with a huge smile on her face. wished I had taken a phone video – it was that dramatic.

    The good news is that my Mother is still standing straight 11 years later…go figure out what Bowen Therapy is all about – it could really boost your articles and traffic.

  6. Thank you Stella for your very helpful comments; the first group of exercises are strictly about cognitive function. and not that challenging; but I wanted to introduce more challenging exercises for some victims; Happy your Mom has recovered so well. I will definitely look up the Bowen Therapy Hope all is well .Best Wishes.Look up the early numbers exercises and send me some

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