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This exercise is based on one of my most memorable experiences as a teacher in the late sixties

One of my students was considered a slow learner and his writings were considered gibberish.

The class was asked to write a composition on the Emotion- Hate

The supposedly slow learner came to me with a big smile on his face and asked me to read his composition; of course it did look like gibberish,

“let me read it for you” and he proceeded to read what was the most brilliant piece of writing I had ever seen from any student.

After some investigation it turned out he had one of the highest IQ’s in the school. He had a set pattern to all his writings.

This exercise will challenge your cognitive function.

The letters in the grid represent a 6- word sentence.

There is a pattern to the letters.

Identify the pattern and you will identify the sentence.

The eye is just as important as the brain.

Send me your sentence and comments.

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  1. “P———————— If that’s wrong then I need a psych evaluation! Very interesting post and exercise. These types of exercises can really help to challenge the mind and keep you busy. I don’t know if it exists, but consider making a book with these exercises, I’m sure many people would be glad to have something like this on hand. Thanks.

  2. Congrats, Is there a way to edit your response and remove the answer, because other people will see it rendering the exercise useless,unless he was a genius someone previously said he was able to complete one exercise in less than a minute, but the answer was staring you in the face submitted by another person.please share if you don’t mind.Thanks for visiting. I am curious, how long did it take you, and the comment about the eyes, did it help?

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