BRAIN EXERCISE-50-numbers-Endurance

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods -Garlic


A few people have reported difficulty in completing the exercises with three-digit numbers. This series of exercise takes time, discipline and possibly more than one day.

I know how long it took me to create each exercise, each exercise starts with an idea, then I have to complete the exercise before publishing,

So I am creating some warm-up brain exercises that should prepare you for the more challenging ones.

The exercises will test your patience and cognitive skills.

The grid contains the numbers one thru nine in a single row and a single column.

Complete the grid so that each row and each column contains the numbers one thru nine in any order.



  1. There is just so much her to digest, i can see that you are and expert and have beeen at this for a while. I mean the information here is just great. it is amazing that all that we need for our bodies to perform at top level is right at our finger tips all we have to do is reach out and grab it and it is all natural. combine that with workout and we are good to go. Great job.

  2. The interesting part is the herbs and plants are normally free; we seem to foolishly think that if it is free it is no good. when Moringa and Nonii first hit the news people were buying seeds and raiding trees, today it seem to be forgotten.We are a strange breed. more of us can live long and healthy lives if we educate ourselves and use the natural resources that our creator provided. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi there buddy!

    Awesome article and exercise. that for sharing it with us, really appreciated. It took me only 20 mins to complete the exercise, which is not too bad for someone of my age and slightly tired.

    What benefits are brought about by performing tasks and exercises like this on a daily basis?

  4. That is great Derek, can you possibly send me your completed exercise as a pdf document- age is not a factor if you keep mentally alert.

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