BRAIN EXERCISE #7-numbers-

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods-COLLARD GREENS

collard-greens-bundleFREE BRAIN EXERCISE FOR STROKE VICTIMS /and anyone looking for a brain exercise without academic stress.

This is another example of the energy of the numbers one thru nine

This exercise will test your cognitive function and patience.
The grid in the attachment contains the numbers one thru nine in both column one and row one.

Complete the grid so that each remaining row and each remaining column contains the numbers one thru nine in any order.

This is not a puzzle, it’s just a simple brain exercise that anyone can complete.

Click on attachment below to see exercise.’

I really would love to see your comments, thanks.

click on attachment.



  1. Wow man this brain exercise is so cool! I really enjoy exercising my brain, because i feel like it is really healthy for your brain. This exercise is very good for doing that. I really appreciate you sharing this awesome exercise man, thank you. Now if you don’t mind, i’m gonna go do this cool exercise 😀

  2. Thanks.i am happy you liked it,keep visiting and give me more feedback, it puts fuel in the tank.

  3. What an interesting concept, using these brain exercises to help those who have had brain trauma such as a stroke victim.
    I think this type of website, that helps others to get over an illness by encouraging them to increase their confidence and quality of life, is very worthwhile.
    My feeling is that you just want to help others and enjoy doing it, am I right? I see no adverts on this site and that’s what makes me think that you’re a selfless person just wanting to make a difference. Good on you! Ches

  4. Thanks for viewing , i am in the process of trying to place adds on the site but am in the process of making decisions ,there are images of my art which can be bought on, thee is an add of a book on reversing diabetes. These exercises gave me support and confidence while creating them ant i hope they will be helpful to others.

  5. Well I look forward to seeing your artwork on your site. It will show others how they can continue with their hobbies and pastimes even after getting over stroke and other illnesses. May I say that if you have type 2 diabetes, please look into taking a good quality supplement of magnesium. Researching this mineral will enlighten you to its benefits. You will not regret it! Good luck to you, Ches

  6. Thankfully i do not have type 2 diabetes but was warned by my doctor that i was borderline. hope you enjoy the art and do collect one of my hearts.

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