Benefits of Eating Less Red Meat

A group of international scientists, supposedly without funding, carried out years of research on the subject of eating less meat; The research was headed by Dr Bradly Johnson from Dalhousie Universiy Canada.

Dr. Johnson is a very busy and highly acclaimed scientist and Associate professor in the department of community Health and Epidemiology of Dalhousie University Canada. Dr. Johnson would appear to be a highly educated medic having attended McMaster University, University of Alberta, (where he obtained his PhD, ), the University of Oxford, and the University of New Brunswick.

My primary concern is the eroding of public trust, at least the study did not say there are no health benefits from eating less red meat or pork, but suggests -If there are any health benefits, they are small.

My immediate reaction on reading the article to check to see who funded the research; I thought this was a bunch of scientists whose parents were cattle ranchers and pig farmers; but was relieved to see the research had no known funding; on the other hand Dr. Ellison, Dean of the Indiana Universited School of Public heath sided with the researchers, but he was funded by the National Cattlemen’s beef Association.

How can some of the most brilliant men and women who ever walked this earth from thousands of years ago can all be wrong.?

As I said before, my primary concern is the eroding of primary trust. Dr Johnson and his group might be right, but why should we believe them? We have been told by reputable authorities for donkeys years that eating less red meat and pork is beneficial for our health, up steps a group of scientists to upset the apple cart.

Health is a major problem around the world, we have been deceived by some researchers and pharmaceuticals, placing money before people.

As a youth growing up in Barbados, we were told that brown sugar was bad for us, so we exported the bulk of our brown sugar to England, until one of our Prime Ministers went to England and found that brown sugar was not only expensive, but could only be found in the health stores, while we imported Tate and Lyle refined white sugar like a bunch of fools.

We are surrounded by coconut trees, but we were told “coconut oil was bad for our health”, while we imported lard oil for consumption.

I adopted a plant based diet a few years ago, after suffering a stroke. The decision was based on research I conducted, which I still believe is credible. I have resisted goat meat, which my mouth still runs water for a small portion.

Cattle Industry & Climate Change

Perhaps we should change the focus, The cattle industry is deeply associated with climate change; which might shorten our life span .

Is it smarter to continue to enjoy red meat and pork and die sooner as a result of climate change, or limit the cattle industry; save the planet, enjoy the occasional steak, piece of pork or goat meat, and a live a longer, healthier life.

Eat less Red Meat and Pork


  1. Irrespective of whatsoever findings or researches carried out, I cannot major my beef consumption on red meat majorly. Though it may be of immense benefit as the research has proved but then, I dont think I want to get involved with such. Occasional consumption is okay by me until proper findings have confirmed the efficiency and truthfulness of this research. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  2. I was born in a family of Seventh-Day Adventist Christians and in our church, we are discouraged from eating meat for the reason that a plant-based diet is healthier and helps us avoid diseases that can be acquired from eating meat. So, reading this article is like reviewing the lecturers our church people have given us. Thank you, it’s so refreshing.

    At the end of your article, you have mentioned about the cattle industry affecting climate change. I’d like to ask, how is that possible? What particular thing from cattle that can damage the Earth’s climate?

  3. In reply to yo question, the answer is methane gas and deforestation for cattle farming; look it up, I know you will be amazed. It is not something we learn normally. Thanks for visiting. Keep the faith.

  4. Weigh the odds; all those researchers can’t be wrong. I will maintain my plant based diet. Thanks for visiting.

  5. The debate will always continue. I know all about that sugar and coconut oil scare because we were subject to it in Jamaica. I enjoy meat although I don’t eat a lot of it. My protein is mostly fish, sometimes chicken, and peas and beans. Once in about two weeks I might eat red meat. With all these changes in health advice it seems to me that a diet with everything in moderation is ideal, but with a lean more to plant based foods. Thanks for this discussion

  6. Everything in moderation is wise; during the course of my research I have discovered some popular foods in the Caribbean that can boost energy levels, great for the athlete with natural talent; Bolt should secretly document his diet, he might find it interesting.I plan to write a blog on it one day.Thanks for joining the discussion.

  7. I have to say it: I love meat.  A meal without meat for me is not a meal.  I’m much better than I used to be as I cut red meat to once a week. But I also consume fish and fowl. As long as it’s neat,I I’m ok.  I discovered a while ago a science of diet by blood type. I further discovered that my blood type is tolerant of red meat which is probably why I crave it so-especially when I’m  very hungry. Even so, I believe all things in moderation. If you don’t grow it and prepare it yourself,  it’s a risk. Therefore it’s best not to consume too much of anything…meat or anything else!  Thank you.

  8. The first blog I read about diabetes! Well done. I have been dialing with this illness for the last 17 years and lemme tell you, it doesn’t get easier and everything ends up in a complication. 

    About your article , I don’t know if it was intentional or not but I believe the tittle should’ve been “red” instead of “read”? Misspelling words happens to me a lot. I try to always proof-read my articles before publishing them. You’d be surprised with the errors you’d find 

  9. I hope this note will find you well. I did enjoy the questions you posed about who funds the research. This is always a good thing to consider. I have been a vegetarian most of my life, and I don’t have a spiritual judgement against anyone who enjoys or receives health from eating of meat. But it is a wise investment to research food for health. The italics are a little bit harder for me to read, but they aren’t excessive.

    I have always been rather sick with GI upset eating meat for some reason, so I just avoided for 34 years. One thing I can say I am in pretty good shape.

    Stroke care is a specialty I have spent many years in professionally, in honor of my dad and his many strokes. He had 3 major strokes and 7 heart attacks. Traumatic brain injuries also have similar lasting effects.

    I have read some about a slightly different topic this reminds me of, a tick bite that causes meat intolerance. I have found some literature regarding this, and it seems possible there could be acquired intolerance to meat and may be complicated with other conditions. 

    It is intruiguing that you have used this website to give education paying it forward for awareness of your condition, challenges and information to help others.

    I noticed the admin posts, you can also add in an author name. To me it sounds more genuine. If you add in a gravatar and author, then the photo will also appear to help with your brand and building authority. My main comment is for the content. I really enjoyed reading your article and hope the input helps.


    Nurse Becca

    -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

    Ps my comment does regard the content, and I really think the exercises are beneficial to both stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. The exact wording could be deleted or rephrased to your liking.

    My name ain’t Jack lol

  10. Another research study will come out and say red meat is good. Red meat is bad.   Eggs are good.  Eggs are bad.  I work in a research facility that is now trying to determine long term affects of eating avocado.  I found that if you look hard enough you can find almost anything to support ones view.   I have tried them all over the years and found that It is best to go with your gut.  Everything in moderation seems to work for me.  

    I found your article very interesting when you mentioned how your homeland convinced you that brown sugar was bad.  And then someone else commented on how they experienced the same thing.   Makes one wonder who do we trust with making that type of decision.  

    Thanks for the article.   It was current and informative. 

  11. Thank you for shear helpful information.lot of people suggest to eat read meat. and they tell the benefits of red meat and how it helps our body. but they never talk about the downside of eating red meat. I don’t eat red meat and pork but I eat chicken and I usually get a plant-based is really helpful for maintaining my mental and physical health..what do you think about eating chicken?

  12. I have stopped eating red meat and chicken, I would suggest you eat chicken if you grow them yourself; there are too much growth hormones in chicken, look how early young girls develop breasts etc these days. I have a cousin who grows chicken for a restaurant chain, they provide the feed and you will be surprise how early those chickens are reader for the slaughter. Stay healthy.Thanks for your comments.

  13. Yes, who do we trust? we are so caught up in free speech that people can publish anything today, but when it comes to health there should be an international agency to vet and sanction new findings. Look  how many people are dying as a result of prescribed drugs. Everything in moderation!.

    Why is there a focus on Avocados? I heard a talk show host remarked on something he found on the Internet, saying avocados along with 4 other popular Caribbean fruits are dangerous to your health. I love avocados and have been eating them all my life. 

    If a subject is being researched, there must be a reason, do you know the research is being carried out.?

  14. Sorry about the name, Where did I get that from?

    Thanks Nurse for your valuable input. The reason I am promoting Health Education in all Schools, is because what we eat in our youth could come to haunt us in later years. We have to be very vigilant about funded research; If we follow the popular guidelines of healthy eating, many businesses will suffer,

    Thanks for the suggestion; All the Best.

  15. Thank you Stephanie, I ran it through ABC editing and it missed it too. Diabetes is life long challenge; try to follow any new research; could be helpful. My thoughts are with  you. God Bless.

  16. By the way nurse; my name is Courtney, author and administrator. will check it out again.

  17. You are right Nathaniel, everything in moderation, and better if you can grow it and prepare it yourself. must look into the blood type theory.Thanks for visiting, Best wishes.

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