Born in Barbados 1944, immigrated to England in 1962.Work experience-Student Teacher-1963 to 64. Qualified Teacher-1967 to 69. Graduated from Birmingham University School of Education 1967 to 69. CEO Devonish Art Gallery 1970 to present day.Designer of Brain Exercises and Puzzles.

My mother taught me how to cook from a very early age, when I was in primary school, she taught me until she immigrated to England, and my grand mother […]

I have come to the conclusion that Scientist would better serve mankind if they were to conduct extensive scientific studies of every edible plant known to man and seek out […]

Avoiding Aluminum Toxicity It is a fact that we cannot completely avoid exposure to Aluminum and some other heavy metals, we are further exposed by the use of much of […]

The Dangers of Aluminum Toxicity to Human Health The feedback from the previous article- Health Risks Of Aluminum– prompted further research on the topic; The debate is confusing, to say […]

Do You Still Use Aluminum Utensils? Aluminum was discovered during the nineteen century, starting with Dane Hans Christian Oersted-1777-1851 added by other scientists from France. Sainte-Claire Deville, Paul Heroult and […]

I should have written this blog long ago, there are some local statistics about diabetes on the Island of Anguilla that prompted this article. If the numbers I heard during […]