Born in Barbados 1944, immigrated to England in 1962.Work experience-Student Teacher-1963 to 64. Qualified Teacher-1967 to 69. Graduated from Birmingham University School of Education 1967 to 69. CEO Devonish Art Gallery 1970 to present day.Designer of Brain Exercises and Puzzles.

Healthy Plant Based Meals

Plan your meals from this  plant based lists of foods, fruits, herbs and spices. Health Education is the key to a healthy lifestyle and longevity, barring accidents, natural disasters of […]

One should always read the warnings concerning the side effects of any prescription drug; sometimes when you read the side effects you tend to ask, which is worse, the ailment […]

A group of international scientists, supposedly without funding, carried out years of research on the subject of eating less meat; The research was headed by Dr Bradly Johnson from Dalhousie […]

Please Lobby the powers that be to introduce Health Education in all Schools I have been drinking lemon grass tea for some time, totally unaware of it’s health benefits. Currently […]