Born in Barbados 1944, immigrated to England in 1962.Work experience-Student Teacher-1963 to 64. Qualified Teacher-1967 to 69. Graduated from Birmingham University School of Education 1967 to 69. CEO Devonish Art Gallery 1970 to present day.Designer of Brain Exercises and Puzzles.

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods. Adopt a Plant-based Diet. Beware of Obesity. According to a Leeds University professor some people are confused or ignorant of the proven risk factors […]

health benefits of pumpkin seeds

Exercise Daily and Adopt A Plant Based Diet.-Pumpkin seeds   Pumpkins originated from Central America and are associated with Halloween around the world. Halloween is one of the world’s oldest […]

A silent stroke is a stroke without symptoms; the way it can be discovered is by a CT SCAN or MRI. Strokes occurs when the blood to a particular part […]

Charles the great,legislated flaxseed,

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes If you are suffering weight loss, blurred vision, loss of muscle bulk or passing urine more frequent than normal or feeling very tired, you should […]

latest on strokes

Recent research I read a report a while ago that said people were living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. Recent research also shows that people are falling victims to […]

Obesity and Diabetes Contrary to popular belief that diabetes in more prevalent among the poor and working-class populations of the world where poor nutrition is an issue; we have just […]

Diabetes Update

Not Two But Five Types Of Diabetes For the past week the news around the world carried the story of the scientific discovery of 5 distinct types of diabetes. Traditionally […]


  Symptoms of Bowel Cancer Bleeding from the rectum or blood in your stool Some not so common systems could be constant feeling of tiredness or dizziness Unexplained weight loss […]

The Importance Of A Plant-based Diet. Every day we are discovering scientific evidence that proves what global inhabitants knew thousands of years ago. We think we are living in a […]