Avoiding Aluminum Toxicity It is a fact that we cannot completely avoid exposure to Aluminum and some other heavy metals, we are further exposed by the use of much of […]

The Dangers of Aluminum Toxicity to Human Health The feedback from the previous article- Health Risks Of Aluminum– prompted further research on the topic; The debate is confusing, to say […]

Do You Still Use Aluminum Utensils? Aluminum was discovered during the nineteen century, starting with Dane Hans Christian Oersted-1777-1851 added by other scientists from France. Sainte-Claire Deville, Paul Heroult and […]

I should have written this blog long ago, there are some local statistics about diabetes on the Island of Anguilla that prompted this article. If the numbers I heard during […]

What is the function of liver and kidneys? We all take some form of biology classes in schools, but I am not sure how personally we apply the things we […]

The more research I conduct into eating healthy for particular health issues the more the evidence points to –“One fits all”, in other words eating healthy benefits the whole body. […]

The kiwi fruit was introduced in the late sixties when still living in the UK, as an expensive exotic fruit., the original name was Chinese gooseberries but later renamed the […]